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Total Posts: 27

Joined 2015-02-05


I like the design of this site and joined in after learning about it from a different site.  Unfortunately, I cherrybombed the pool of water ballet swimmers and they weren’t overly happy about it.  But I made amends, bought them a round from the poolside bar and am now nursing water burn marks on my butt.  As well that proverbally ends well I say.

Actually, the entrance made here reminds me of an actual incident that happened about 10 years ago at a beer stube.  All I had to do was walk in the place and someone got ticked.  Granted, she was drunk and I looked good (10 years and two children later.. well, let’s say I’m not wearing THAT anymore!).  I chalk it all up to bad timing on my part in both cases.

Currently, we are playing Machinarium.  And holy cow but I’m glad for puzzle geniuses out there making wlkthroughs, as some of those puzzles are HARD!  Funniest part so far, the cat on the bridge!  LOL!!!


One mean, green-eyed fitch.


Total Posts: 2663

Joined 2004-08-02


Hi silvermitt and welcome aboard to AG. Hope you stay here and have a good time, as the content and community of this site are both amazing Smile


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