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Stuck in Kathy Rain please help!

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Joined 2008-04-21


I’m stuck in Kathy Rain, I’ve left the message to Erica to call me back, I’ve scanned and analyzed the over exposed image and talked to Eileen about everything possible and yet stupid Erica won’t call me back. Help!!


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Joined 2007-01-04


Please access the Kathy Rain walkthrough in the Adventure Gamers walkthrough section. Please ensure you have done the following and at the bottom of my post is what you need to do:

Click on the Scanner Icon to see the Bright_Picture.bmp icon, then drag Bright_Picture.bmp icon onto the Image Analyser Icon.  Analyse the image.  Adjust the filters, until you get a decent picture.  You automatically print out the picture.  Zoom in on the 3 light balls, and Analyse Image again - the balls form an equilateral triangle.  Zoom in on the flower at the bottom left corner.  Analyse Image, and print the Image.  Now click on ‘Return’, then turn the computer off.

Use MICRO CASSETTE (ANSWERING MACHINE) from your Inventory, with the scanner on the desk.  Now use the computer again, and log in using either account.  Click on the Scanner Icon to access the Answer Machine sound file, then drag this Answer Machine sound file icon onto the Voice Forge Icon.  This allows you to analyse and manipulate Erica Wade’s Answer Phone messages.  There are 5 distinct voices on the tape.  Play through all the messages - you get quite a shock when you listen to Voice 3, but it must just be a trick from Dave.  Now go to Voice 2, and click on the following words.



Click on ‘Export To Tape’.  Now quit the programme, and turn off the computer.  In your Inventory, combine MICRO CASSETTE (ANSWERING MACHINE) with the DICTAPHONE.  Now use phone on the desk to call Wade Residence.  While on the phone, open your Inventory and examine DICTAPHONE.  Press Play on the DICTAPHONE, and your doctored message telling Erica to call you will start playing.  Afterwards, remove tape from DICTAPHONE.  Now hang up the phone.

Eileen returns to the Dorm, and you quickly tell her what you’ve been up to.  Take PRINTOUTS from the printer,  In your Inventory, look at PICTURE OF RED FLOWER and RESTORED PICTURE with the 3 light balls.  Combine RESTORED PICTURE with the CHURCH BROCHURE you picked up yesterday - the church logo seems very similar to the pattern of the 3 light balls.  Chat with Eileen and choose any dialogue option.  You leave, to get something to eat, and when you return, Eileen has already researched the red flower for you.  Isn’t that sweet of her.  Now the phone starts ringing, so answer it.  It’s Erica Wade calling.  Choose either dialogue option, then work through all the dialogue with her.  Now hang up the phone.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.

You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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