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Catching livestock in rune factory 1 DS


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Joined 2018-01-11


Hey I was hoping someone could help me learn how to get livestock in rune factory on ds?

So the first RF is like harvest moon, there’s a big emphasis on crops, only now you can go into dungeons and fight, and level up.  I assumed I would be able to buy live stock from a nearby farm but I was wrong.  I got the option to build a animal hutch, which I did, but now I need animals to put in it. 

I went into the dungeon to fight monsters and stuff, but using the sword on them, they predictably die.  Is there an item I missed that I need to catch them? 

The game mentioned “docile” creatures, and all the monsters I’ve come across in Carmite Cave are aggressive, so maybe I need to beat the first dungeon first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My farm is in the money now, so I’m ready to start supporting livestock, but I don’t know how to get them!  I really want to be able to get eggs and milk, and wool and stuff so I can start learning crafting or cooking or something.


(PS I tried other rune factory games before the first one, but the second one on wii is just way too hard to jump in the middle of the series, so I thought maybe if I start at the beginning it will be more clear how to play the later games, but this first one, I do not have the box and manual to look for advice.)


You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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