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Blade Runner - Sneaking into Tyrell

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Joined 2012-05-28


Hi, I’m new Smile

I’ve decided to finally complete Bladerunner, but recently I’ve got stuck at the part where you need to sneak into the Tyrell building to get the genetic information for the Replicants. I think I’ve visited all locations that could be meaningful. I’ve been to the sewer hideout, I’ve talked to the bum and have given him booze. I’ve been to the secret lab run by the Replicant twins, talked to them through and through. I’ve been to McCoy’s apartment (it was occupied by someone else). The police station is locked. I’ve even gotten the super strong ammo from Izo’s stash (McCoy commented about Guzza being dirty at that point).

I should point out I’m playing the game on NORMAL difficulty, so I can’t just go through the easy way at the twins office. I’ve been to the end of the sewer (from the hub, west, north) that I think leads to Tyrell, but it’s blocked?

What should I do?


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Joined 2020-06-20


hopefully you found this by now lol.. but for others like you and me who could not immediatly find it (googled it and found this empty post) there was a door between the stairs and the entrance from sewers (“rat plank bridge”) that takes you back to the same screen but form a different place where you can reach a ladder. i can cant believe I missed that doorway so many times!

i do REALLY love this game, awesome bit of nostalgia, but it can be a bit pixel hunty sometimes! if you don’t see the right tiny bit in a photo.. or higlight the box in just the right place you will think it’s not really a clue and then not be able to proceed with the game. Also when you go to any area and think you have gone everywhere, then later on something opens up but there’s no visual difference so you didn’t even think to click there again, or someone just gives that same “I have nothing else to say” response, so you stop talking to them and then something changes that would make that response change but in your head you no longer even think to talk to them. it can make the game quite hard!


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Joined 2004-03-09


Thanks for following up on this! We recently actually started to expand the website with walkthroughs to help with situations like this. Hints are up next!


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