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Joined 2008-01-09


Is it just me or does the majority of Anime games have not just an Adult theme, but down-right Porno?  Trying to understand why this element has to be shown…. is it that crucial to the storyline?


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Cultural thing i guess, Japan just had festival where they celebrate genitals,
if you wanti can PM you the link of festival. Sex is not taboo nor conservative
element in that society, its their part of fabric as much as using Guns in the
West, hence the element in animes and games are obligatory for targeting
mass segments like shooting is for western films and games.


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Joined 2013-04-25


I am assuming you’re referring to a rather niche segment of the gaming world known as visual novels.  Some people wouldn’t even call visual novel games due to the lack of traditional gameplay (I am digressing though).  Other traditional “anime” games are usually fighting, RPG, AG and puzzle games, which do not have any adult themes.

So is adult themes important in these visual novels?  Well a majority of them are romance games: find the love interest, get love interest to fall in love with you, maybe action and happy ending.  So it depends on the person if they find the “adult” portions necessary or not, since not all of them have it in that genre.  It’s not that much different from erotic novels, some people like it and some people don’t.  As the person above has stated, sex isn’t taboo over there.


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