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The Biblical Truth of Rhem 2

Total Posts: 2

Joined 2021-03-12


This is a YouTube video comparing the game Rhem 2 to different aspects of the Bible: The Biblical Truth of Rhem 2 (Spoilers)


Total Posts: 943

Joined 2017-09-18


Well, first of all, as good as the Rhem games are, especially the puzzles, I don’t agree they’re as good as Myst.

Second, if the point of the video is that Rhem is similar to the Bible because you need to look for the answer in different locations… that’s stretching it. I would say that same argument applies to 99% of the adventure games I’ve played.

Rhem is just another game. I definitely applaud the intention though.


Total Posts: 2

Joined 2021-03-12


Yes, I could have chosen any adventure game for this video. I chose Rhem 2 because it’s probably my favourite adventure game.

I’m pretty certain the game developers did not intend for any connection to made between the game and Bible. It’s fun to imagine that they did though so I’ll take any connection I can get no matter how much of a stretch it is.


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