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Nine Witches Family Disruption


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Joined 2017-08-27


I’d like to give a shout out to this point’n'click I just finished that came out in 2020, and will go in my top 2020 adventures list.

“Nine Witches Family Disruption” is set in WWII setting, but has a whimsical plot that is war + occult + aliens + zombies (?) + total absurdity with a serious undertones of defeating Nazis. The story is crazy in a wacky kind of way. The humor is part 4th wall breaking, part toilet, part witty and part comic violence (lots of it, by the way).

The puzzles are a good combo of exploring/talking/inventory manipulations (but with outside world mostly, not within), and there are several shoot-out scenes - IT IS WWII after all. The first couple are very easy, and I think they are just used to kind of set the scene, but the rest can be skipped in a hilarious manner if you’re an adventure purist. There’s quite a bit of running around involved, but events are constantly triggered, so it isn’t a very frustrating task.

I know that pixel graphics aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I though the world the developers created is beautiful; somehow simple if you break it down by pixels but all together complex.

Basically, I had lots of fun. It’s a silly/bizarre plot-driven game, VERY entertaining.

I’m surprised it was so under the radar.
Let me know if anyone played it an enjoyed it as well.


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