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Forum Rules & Guidelines


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Joined 2012-05-03


Welcome to Adventure Gamers.

We take pride in keeping our message boards respectful, pleasant, and enjoyable for all members. Please read the following guidelines before posting.


The basics
- You are solely responsible for everything you submit to the Adventure Gamers forums.
- We retain the right to delete any messages or threads deemed inappropriate (e.g. flames, spam, trolling), or to ban users deemed to be breaking the forum rules.

No pirated software
We have a zero tolerance policy on pirated software. Any messages soliciting or promoting warez will be immediately deleted and posting privileges will be revoked.

No abandonware
We also kindly request that you do not post links to so-called ‘abandonware’. Although we sympathize with the preservation of games that have gone out of print, we choose not to tread any murky legal ground.

No copyrighted material
Excerpting is allowed, but please do not post any copyrighted material from any source wholesale. This includes any scans from in-print magazines. 

Selling/trading games is OK, but at your own risk
It is allowed to sell, buy or trade legal copies of games via these forums. However, these trades or purchases are fully your responsibility, not Adventure Gamers. Threads started for this purpose should be posted in Chit Chat.

No spam or viral marketing
These kinds of messages will be deleted, and their posters will be immediately banned without notice.

On-topic promotional messages are allowed in some cases
Generally, we allow promotional messages that are on-topic, add value, and are not annoying. Such threads should only be updated with significant news rather than being continually treated like a bulletin board for free advertising.
- Promoting amateur/freeware adventures is generally allowed (within reason)
- If you wish to link to content on another website, we request that you use the opportunity to generate an actual relevant discussion on this forum, rather than merely posting a link


Keep the forum organized
- Before starting a new topic, use Search to see if a relevant topic already exists
- Some threads may be too old to bother reviving, so use your judgment in deciding when to reply to an existing thread, and when it may be better to start a new thread.
- Please use descriptive and legible thread titles. Avoid ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation. (Examples of bad titles: “Help me!!!!!!!!”, “stuck”, “What do think?”, etc.)
- Avoid derailing threads by going excessively off-topic. In this case, consider posting a new topic instead.

Use spoiler tags
- If you are discussing information which has the potential to spoil a game for others, then please use spoiler tags. (There’s a button for this above the new post input field.)

Be nice
- People of widely varying nationalities, ages and backgrounds visit this forum. Participants are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. Passionate, even heated debate is welcome but messages which descend to personal insults, name-calling or other abuse will be deleted.
- While we don’t actively censor swearing, we do ask that you show self-control in your use of language.
- Religion, politics, and other hot button issues are permitted in the Chit Chat sub-forum, but be aware of the tendency of such topics to escalate into inappropriate personal arguments. There are no hard and fast rules for what’s acceptable in these areas, of course. We simply ask that you show some discretion and consideration for others.
- There will be no tolerance for any kind of hate speech or trolling with racist (or race-baiting), sexist, or other deliberately offensive or deceitful agendas.

Thanks for reading, and have fun.


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Welcome to the Adventure Gamers forums!

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