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How do you go about making maps when playing retro exploration games?

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Joined 2020-07-14


I’ve been wanting to finish playing games like Super Metroid and the various 2d zeldas, but I’ve always used an online map and felt guilty every time. So, how do you think I should go about this (or how have you done this in the past)? Should I use screenshots in an image editor, write standard notes, or bust out the ol’ graphing paper?


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I love 2d metroids a ton!

Super metroid has a map doesn’t it?  Like not a great one, but the small map combined with the clear level design should be enough.

Metroid 1 and 2 do not, and metroid 2 is easy to get lost because first, no map unless you bought nintendo power, and second, you can’t see enough of the environment because of the limits of the gameboy.  I personally know what you mean about getting outside help when exploring in a game.

For me metroid is challenging enough that I don’t ALSO want the challenge of moving a screen, pausing, updating my graph paper etc, and so I just look at an online map for the first two, or even better yet play the remakes!  Zero mission is one of the best metroids and I prefer AM2R over any of the other Metroid 2s, and they both have maps and improved controls.

When I play my retro games, I like to pretend I am living in the contemporary time of the game.

So either give a friend a pen and paper, and tell them to start drawing OR
buy a classic nintendo power, OR, download it off the internet, and realize that life is too short, and there are too many games.

I would contrast metroid with something where mapping is a core part of the gameplay experience like in Quest For Glory 2.  It’s not my favorite part of QFG2, but I recognize that the exploration and daunting nature of the desert is an integral part of the adventure experience.  The player is given like a week or more to explore the desert, and a lot of the events you have to wait for the right day, so it makes sense to spend your free time exploring the desert looking for more screens.

Metroid doesn’t ask you to wait for a certain day, so just find out where to go next, and just appreciate the challenge in trying not to die.

When I was a kid, I had Metroid complete in box, and I don’t remember if a map was included in the box or not….
I remember FINAL FANTASY had a map in the box…


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Grue22 - 14 July 2020 08:13 PM



I always use draw.io for this, because I keep forgetting Trizbort exists as well. This despite it being used in a bunch of Text Adventure Playthroughs here on the forums…


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