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Joined 2012-07-11


Another android based console has appeared on Kickstarter. It’s called the GameStick.


Any thoughts people?


Recently completed: Game of Thrones (decent), Tales from the borderlands (great!), Life is Strange (great!), Stasis (good), Annas Quest (great!); Broken Age (poor)

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I think these will make great media boxes. Netflix, Hulu+, HBO GO, XBMC, UPnP, etc. are all available on Android. Emulation is also in a pretty good place on Android for people who want to revisit some classics. However, games made for Android tend to be touch focused. Those that support controllers generally have much better alternatives on consoles and PC. If I traveled a lot it might be worth it because it would easily connect to a hotel TV and take up virtually no space in my bag.

I have a 360, PS3, and PC hooked up to my TV. If I’m going to sit on the couch and play something, it’s going to be on those systems, and the game isn’t going to be made by Gameloft with a touchscreen in mind when it was designed. My Android phone is as powerful as this device and has HDMI out. I’ve paired my PS3 controller (which I’m guessing is much more comfortable to use than boxy thing the GameStick comes with) to it via bluetooth before. I have not yet found a reason to order the $3 HDMI cable that will let me do exactly what this Android console promises, minus the controller interface.

I am hopeful. Perhaps devices like this and the Ouya will push development to a point where I’ll want to play Android games on my TV. It’s just not there yet.

FYI, if you supply your own controller you can get similar form factor tv dongle type Android machines with about the same exact specs for $50-$70 right now. Search ebay and google for the UG007.


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