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Recent movies seen


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I just went to The Rise of Skywalker and, well, I disagree. Innocent

J.J. Abrams is spineless. He caved in to all the whiny haters of Last Jedi and basically obsoleted that film by backtracking on all the daring decisions Rian Johnson had made.
They come up with a villain that comes out of nowhere, all interesting characters are sidelined, everything about the previous movie gets retconned (including Rey not being related to someone important Angry ), every time a character does something interesting they immediately kill him/her off, there’s an insane amount of asspulls in making people miraculously survive some events, and the pacing for the second half of the film is so high that it should have been at least half an hour longer just to add a bit more gravitas to the events. That and the giant space battle is a convoluted mess with no sense of direction whatsoever…

That said, is it a bad film? No, not by any means. It’s still fun, there’s quite a few laughs and epic moments, and some of the cast are having a blast hamming it up (you just gotta love Richard E. Grant here, as well as Ian McDiarmid who’s as over the top as ever).
But the film just completely rubs me the wrong way after I loved The Last Jedi to bits…

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker - 3/5

I have to agree completely. I really didn’t like this movie at all. Makes the Last Jedi look like a master piece of film making.

Lowest rated Star Wars movie of all time. Lower than Phantom Menace which is quite an achievement.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.


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It’s time to forget about Star Wars and start looking forward to Denis Villeneuve’s Upcoming Dune. First movie is set to be released this november. This movie series could very well become the SciFi equivalent of The Lord of the Rings


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i just watched Blow Up, The Conversation and Blow out, still, The Conversation holds my higher rank for these kinda movies, but Blow Out was a blast this time around, the ending is nerve wracking tho i knew how it will go to, they dont make movies like this no more and for a long while that is. i suggest the latter two;  Conversation and Blow out to anyone how had never seen, must watch.


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So usually I haven’t been able to sit through a movie since I was a teenager because I’ve become too anxious.

But with the Quarantine in effect

I watched Rough night, which is a hilarious black comedy, recommend it.

I watched the maze runner movies..  They are okay.  I usually get like mad if a movie is bad, but this is fine.

I watched the hunger games movies which… same.  It’s fine.  The story overall is really good, but the pacing is just SO SLOW.  And for no reason really.  Amazing actors especially from some of the younger kids in this movie, and I love the eccentric sci fi dress and hairstyles, very reminiscent of fifth element except with less goofiness.

And then I watched some movie about a homicide detective that meets a like restaurant/food critic journalist guy, and they have a crush on each other, and he uses his knowledge of food and restaurants and cooking to help her solve murders.  Which by the way, I thought this was like a stand alone feature film.  No, it’s a TV show, each episode in the series an HOUR LONG.

I know that movies should be more than male fantasies about heroism and womanizing, but some of these women’s fantasy movies get WEIRD.  My dad for whatever reason watches the Hallmark channel or the Lifetime channel a lot.  And all those movies have this weird like, out of touch with reality fantasies of men that are willing to be vulnerable because the independent woman taught them the true meaning of christmas or some other nonsense.

Except I also kind of love it in a trashy cliche kind of way.


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Just watched the movie Extraction, a very good action packed movie. It is so relaxing to watch in my Dreamcloud bed https://bestmattressesreviews.org/dreamcloud-mattress-reviews/ after a very tiring day.




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I just watched Scorsese’s “The Irishman” and this could be one of the worst movies ever made. Now I always found Scorsese’s gangster movies massively overrated (I liked his work whenever he tried something different, strangely enough) but at least they were somewhat enjoyable. This is actors way past their prime, some of whom look like animated corpses, walking around playing gangsters. The digital de-aging looks horrendous. And the damned thing is over 3 hours long. I had read before watching it that this was Scorsese’s “Once Upon A Time in America” but that is an insult to that great movie, there is no value at all to be found in this at all. Skip at all costs.


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I watched all seven Beethoven Movies in one day.  Beethoven the dog… not the musician.
Please send help.


But last night I went to visit mom, and she has netflix now.  I wanted to watch something like “Hidden Figures”  a movie about black-female “computers”  What they called low-level mathematicians back then.
I can’t recommend that movie enough.

SO I was looking for a similar experience, and I stumbled upon “Self Made” starring Octavia Spencer.  (goodness octavia spencer is in everything)

If you enjoy literature like “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass”
or “Their eyes were watching god” Zora Neale Hurston
or “Black Boy” Richard Wright
or even classic black cinema, then I think you will immediately identify what kind of show Self Made is. (Black films used to come on local access channel here in town, and I loved it!  Wish they still did that!)

This is the story about a woman with no confidence, taking the risk to be bold in the world.  Several obstacles come up as she starts her own black hair-care company, but she perseveres. There’s even a lot of comparison between her own struggles, and the contemporary boxing world of the time, where black men were gaining respect as heavy-weight champions.  There’s even a scene where all the family is gathered around this ticker tape reading the fight updates, and Spencer’s character is envisioning herself in the boxing ring defeating her business competition.

There is numerous media that talks about black-women hair, and this does a good job at using it as a symbol for respect and confidence.

One of the most interesting things this show does is depict in-fighting in the black community, especially animus between mixed/light-skinned black women vs darker women.

My mother (who is 63 years old) had no clue that light-skinned black women were often treated better, and as more attractive or desirable compared to darker women.

I was very surprised that my mother seemed oblivious to this fact.  It’s something I remember learning clearly on my first day of middle school.  I went to a traditionally all-black school called “G.W. Carver Academy” and so I’d been exposed to far more black culture than my family I guess.

I had assumed that these truths were something my parents knew.  But they had never considered it.

If you’ve never seen Hidden Figures, please start with that.
But if you are like me, and just need more of that, then I whole-heartedly recommend “Self Made:  Story of Madam CJ Walker”


Occuluncus: No, no.  The eye stays closed!

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