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SpaceVenture (The Two Guys from Andromeda) 


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tomimt - 16 November 2020 09:48 AM

For everyone who has been waiting for SpaceVenture this might be good news. The Guys dropped another beta build the last week after a couple of months of silence and the biggest improvement of the build is, that the game can be finally played through. It still is far too buggy for an official release, but at least now I can tell you, that there indeed is a whole game there that can be played from start to finish if you won’t run into some nasty bug.

It’s a pretty decent game, all in all, despite all the bugs. It isn’t very difficult either. If not for the bugs I guess I could have played it through in 5 or so hours. That said, if they get the game fixed, it should be fun enough for anyone who has been waiting for something in the vein of Space Quest.

5 hrs that is it. That is a huge letdown for anyone waiting yrs for this. Im not one of them thank god, I like a couple of space quest games, but the only one I loved was 5. I hope those who backed this love it though.


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Great news! Thanks Tomimt Smile


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New update on Spaceventure:

We got a tremendous amount of helpful feedback from our beta testers. The game breaking bugs that were being experienced are fixed now and the game is feeling much better on the polish front as well. There is one thing that we have had to go back to the drawing board on. The Save/Load system. This feature, admittedly, has bedeviled us throughout development. With the rest of the game now complete, getting Save/Load working reliably is now our biggest focus.

The issue is with handling each scene’s setup at particular points in the scene. Some scenes have many different ‘states’. The challenge has been to get all the variables saved just right or the restored game get’s screwy.

So this is it everyone. The save load system is really the final big fix that needs to happen. The other items are small changes that we are knocking out each day. Once this is done, we are releasing the game.

I wasn’t a backer, but I’ve been following the development over the years and the roller coaster ride has been phenomenal. It does feel like 2021 might finally see the release.


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I do hope they drop another beta build before release. The previous version was still pretty buggy and considering the overhaul that is the save system, or lack of it, I can see things going wonky.


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