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Adventure Game Podcasts?


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Joined 2020-08-13


Anyone know of any hidden gem adventure game podcasts out there?

Out of the ones I’ve been able to find, the only one I really loved (Point and Click Podcast) is dead now. Any of you folks know any good ones?

I’d really love a news/deep dive podcast in the style of The Besties or Triple Click, but for adventure games… but I just don’t think that exists right now? I’d make it myself but I just don’t know enough adventure game fans personally to get a good round-table going Embarassed


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del. who cares


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I believe Adventure Games Podcast is the only active and on-going English language podcast.


There are few others that are no longer produced, but old episodes are available. And you can find occasionally episodes about adventure games in general gaming podcasts.

There are some active podcasts in other languages, but I don’t know if those are of any help to you. At least Adventure-Treff Podcast has an “Interview mit Charles Cecil” episode, which is mostly in English, so there are some “gems” in foreign language podcasts too.


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Adventure Games Podcast is fun. I like how they review new games and also older ones. The hosts are likable and they have a nice balance of anecdotal digressions and focused content to make it a pleasant listen all around.

The Point And Click Podcast was wonderful. Man, I wish he had kept it going. If I had the time…and the skill…I would love to have picked up the torch and started a similar podcast.

Have you heard of the Upper Memory Block Podcast (aka UMBcast)? It’s not strictly adventure game based, but the author focuses on games from the Dos and pre-Windows XP gaming era, and a great deal of his episodes talk about adventure games. Every single episode is worthwhile—a fantastic listen! No new episodes for 18 months now, but there is quite a back catalog.

There is also Backseat Designers, which is a podcast by The Space Quest Historian, creator of the Space Quest Incinerations game. This is an insightful and funny podcast that discusses adventure games from all eras, and features some very warm interviews with current and past-era designers.  Like UMBcast, they haven’t updated in years, but there’s plenty to enjoy.

Maximum Powerup and Arcade Attack have several point and click centric episodes. Arcade Attack is, I think, the best retro gaming podcast in the world hands down. If you are even remotely interested in the topic, you will be well entertained.

I’ll pop in with some more later.


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GateKeeper - 10 March 2021 01:28 PM

And you can find occasionally episodes about adventure games in general gaming podcasts.

Forgot to mention The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast which has some in-depth interviews about adventure games and similar topics.

Less than a month ago they had a 100-minute episode with The Coles, and that was actually already the second episode with them, so there is an earlier one too. Also their latest episode from yesterday is point-and-click related.



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