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Finding a specific old game

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Joined 2021-01-05


Hi, people

I cannot find an old game i once played. It was a Demo, and i think it was in 2001, 2002. A friend borrowed to me a CD with lots of demos.. The CD was already a little old, and, maybe, it was published in 1999, or something. The game must be from that time (98, 99, 00…). More, or less.

As i remember, the player is a woman at something about 50 years old. In the begining, you start in a house in the second floor. There is another woman and as i remember, she was not very good. She left the room and, maybe, locked the room. And there everything begins. You must get out of that room. You cannot just jump, because it is too high. I didn’t play much more to tell. But the game is a 3D game and the graphics are just a little more simple than the game “Evidence, the last report”.

Thanks Smile


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Joined 2012-01-02


please dont consider this comment is about you, its just something ve noticed about these kinda thread that they tend to hold the most vague descriptions that can be given for anyone to help.

1st of all how you remember her age and couldn’t add anything about her descirption, there must be something about her looks or some details given in the beginning to make you say she is 50.

and the 2nd-floor description; is there any cut scene at the beginning that shows the outside of the room’s building you are in. may you could you have described the surroundings a bit better

as these being the only clues you left, a 50 years old lady a 2nd-floor building, and a locked room, I doubt I can help, but there must be a puzzle and inventory object or some description about the game style pf play.. that could help us help you.


Total Posts: 2

Joined 2021-01-05


Yes. It’s vague, and i can barely remember the game, as i played it for only 10 minutes, maybe. If i knew more details, i think i would have already found the title. But it’s really difficult. I searched at many places and couldn’t find any clue.

She is at age 50, maybe. Maybe not, because the 3D is a little old to that date.

The house is surrounded by garden. It’s a normal house, with a second floor. If you try to get out through the window, she says that it’s too high and can’t jump. I think it’s in first person, and i saw she at the beginning, when she talks with that younger woman that leaves the room. Maybe she didn’t lock the door, but anyway, for some reason, the character cannot go through that door.

The room has some kind of desk, wardrobe… looked like a grey wooden house. Here is a picture that looks like the house, but i sense it was all fenced and higher.

The woman maybe, is a little fat, had a hair not too long (by the shoulders).

As i remember, i used the keyboard, and i don’t know if you could use mouse.


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