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Icehouse Jam: discover nice AG submissions


Total Posts: 471

Joined 2012-10-03


Hello everyone!
During the past 3 weeks we have hosted a game jam (a kind of game dev challenge) where people were invited to create games on the theme of Myths and Legends. It was opened to the public (= everyone), not just to our collective, and the games submitted have been made by a large variety of profiles: students, indie devs, amateurs, pros, etc.
22 games have been submitted. The full list can be seen here:

They are not all adventure games, but the following ones could get your attention I think! (I liked them a lot) It seems to me that they are of interest and of good quality. No need to mention that they are free of course in their current version. By alphabetical order:

- Don’t Eat that Girl: a superb Visual Novel from some of the creators of Along the Edge and Seer’s Isle (Nova-box studio). An original zombie story with several possible endings. The art is just amazing and the storytelling is very good.

- Eoin’s Quest: a classical adventure game with handpainted watercolor graphics, that I developed with the help of talented illustrator John Carvajal (comics artist). It can remind a little bit of Monkey Island according to some people, even if it wasn’t intended (I find it quite different actually). It was really fun to create this game, the art of John was very inspiring.

- Ikarus: another classical adventure game. It has a kind of Disney style and tells the story of Icarus in a funny way. The creator Esmeralda has done everything in 3 weeks on her own. It mainly relies on inventory puzzles and following the funny story. It’s really nice.

- Seclusion: this is a first-person Myst-like in full 3D made with Unreal Engine. I loved almost everything in it (you know that’s the kind of game I usually create), it is a very good surprise. You will probably play it for about an 1 hour if you try to complete it. I ended up with a nice feeling of satisfaction. I saw several references to Riven (I think? You will have to tell me below!).

- The Origin: another first-person adventure in full 3D, this time powered by Unity engine. It is less complete and much shorter than Seclusion above, but still enjoyable with a good intro scene/world. The final password is a little bit too hard to find… but some of you might find it fun to give it a try Naughty Will you finish this game?

These games are quite short and not perfect because of the conditions in which they were made (in 3 weeks by very small teams or individuals, who had no time for beta testing, proofreading, etc), but I hope you will still like them! There are other games that you could like too, so take a look at the rest of the list.

We’d also need your help to vote for your favorite games of the Jam if you want. The votes will run until tomorrow evening (French time) so there’s not much time left. Thank you!


Total Posts: 471

Joined 2012-10-03


Hi! The results of the public votes of our Game Jam have been published this morning:

The games that I had listed above have all hit the top 5, so you see they’re probably worth the try Wink

I’m sure that some of you have voted for a few games when it was still possible, so I wanted to say thanks guys!


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