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Slug4Brains Studios Presents: Reon Quest Episode 1

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Joined 2012-08-31


Greetings Adventure Gamers Forums! We are Slug4Brains Studios: a trio of scrappy, cartooning adventure game enthusiasts! We’re here to introduce our newest freeware episodic series to general public. This series is based off of comics that we’ve been drawing for about six years now. The game is a comedic adventure that you can expect to take you about an hour and a half on your first playthrough. So without any further ado here is…

Download Here (Through Mediafire)

Story: After a Pudding Bomb is detonated late one Wednesday night in Reon Elementary School, Draco (a reptilian prankster with a heart of gold) is unfairly blamed and placed in Sunday detention. Through the help of a decidedly smug letter, Draco discovers that he was in fact framed by the Mysterious Aluminatti Society. Swearing revenge, Draco must now break out of detention and bring justice to the Aluminattis. But unfortunately for Draco, things aren’t quite as simple as they seem…


-Twelve Puzzle Packed Rooms
-A Deep and Emotionally Involving Story About Pudding (AND Spicy Gumbo!)
-A Shameless Plug for Episode 2
-Original Soundtrack
-Various Morons with which to Converse
-Fully functioning saving system

The Team:

Cutler R. : Programming, Art, Writing
Cooper Y. : Art, Writing
Grant H. : Original Soundtrack



A dastardly crime! The innocent are framed! Those responsible must suffer!

Learn about your classmates through Draco’s witty observations!

Converse with a variety of morons and lesser idiots!

Could Draco’s friend Slugamor know anything about the Aluminattis?


Hope you enjoy!




Total Posts: 2

Joined 2012-08-31



A reptilian prankster with a heart of gold, Draco doesn’t cause trouble maliciously. He’s just an unfortunate combination of an overactive imagination and a short attention span. His pudding bombs have made his a name to be feared in Reon Elementary’s underground prank scene, and his haphazard schemes often lead himself and his friends into unexpected and bizarre situations.

Draco’s best friend, Slugamor would much rather be in his lab, read a good book, or solve world hunger than help Draco with his half-baked pranks. Slugamor often plays the straight man to Draco’s craziness, but has been known to snap himself, especially when girls are involved. Slugamor has also been diagnosed with chronic misfortune, and a day rarely passes where he isn’t crushed, creamed, wedgied, or eaten. His dry sense of humor often gets him in trouble, but Draco is always there to bail out his “diminutive, sarcastic bug buddy.”

The son of a renowned Rocket Scientist and an equally renowned Brain Surgeon, Grassoon should have it all: Smarts, wit, and class. In reality, he has the IQ of a wooden nickel, and a black hole for a stomach. When not eating hot dogs, Grassoon can be found thinking about eating hot dogs, or shouting about how much he loves eating hot dogs. Despite his irritating idiocy, Grassoon’s doe-eyed innocence and enthusiasm endear him to everyone he doesn’t eat. His parents however, consider him to be their punishment for making fun of stupid people in high school.

The literal “Big Dog” on campus, Terrier loves to work out and play paintball as much as he loves to play fetch and chase cars. Though he isn’t a bully, this is one guy you don’t want to mess with. Don’t be fooled by his tough guy exterior tough, he’s a big ol’ softie at heart. Unless you’re a squirrel. In that case I’d suggest keeping a safe distance away. Terrier is also renowned for his ability to play pretend, and has a habit of getting carried away in his various roles.

Reon Elementary’s premier bully, Soldiernaut takes pride in the pain he causes. Whether it’s beating up Slugamor, taunting Draco, or manipulating Grassoon, this evil little reptile just loves to make trouble. Despite his maliciousness, Soldiernaut isn’t the brightest bulb, and often wavers between evil genius and dimwitted bully. He’s also looking for a lackey trade, if interested, please call the following number 1-800-GET-RID-OF-DUMBANG.

Dumbang is Soldiernaut’s favorite (by default) lackey. Because Soldiernaut is more of a “do it yourself” kind of bully, Dumbang usually just does menial tasks that Soldiernaut doesn’t feel like doing himself. In fact, it could be argued that Dumbang is subject to more abuse than most of Soldiernaut’s victims. Not that any of this bothers him; it all just bounces off his thick, metallic head. Also, he turns into a fierce deity hell-bent on destroying all of humanity whenever he eats lunch. This happens more often than you’d think.

The hottest girl in Reon Elementary (literally!) and the subject of Draco’s affections. Salaspark is not afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, namely the contents of Draco’s wallet. And when that doesn’t work… well, she’s not adverse to giving people third degree burns to get her way as well. While she may look sweet, behind that coy smile is a mind as cunning and crafty as they come.

Salaspark’s level headed gal-pal. Sunstar seems to be one of the few kids with a good head on their shoulders, and does her best to keep everyone out of trouble. She also has trouble hiding her disdain for some of the less intelligent members of the group. She considers Slugamor to be her good friend, and wishes he wouldn’t get mixed up in Draco’s shenanigans. She’s also a surprisingly adept texter despite her lack of thumbs, fingers, and hands.

Here’s a sample of the soundtrack for any who are interested!


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