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Adventure Game Scene of the Day – Wednesday 25 July 2012


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Creepy, creepy Dark Eye. With the hand cursor that is much more than just a cursor. What makes the game remarkable is that you play three Poe stories both as the murderer and as the victim. Also remarkable is William S. Burroughs, who recites a Poe poem. In case people don’t know (I didn’t until a few years ago… hey, I’m not American), Mr. Burroughs killed his wife. Presumably by accident in a drunken attempt to imitate Wilhelm Tell. And then the Mexcican authorities were bribed, so he wouldn’t have to do time. A nasty affair. Whatever the truth, there’s no doubt William has a pitch dark streak and he’s definitely the right guy to recite Annabel Lee! 


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Oh my God…the Dark Eye. One of my favourite adventure games and by far the scariest I have ever played (and I have played a plenty…). Surely, the fact that you played the stories both as murderer and victim was astounishing. Yes, Poe’s poetry and scenarios come straight from the worst nightmares. But in the end, I think that what made this game REALLY scary, was the puppets. As simple as that.

I can still recall a couple of moments where I was watching with eyes wide open, hearing my heart pounding hard. The young man’s (the one in the screenshot) ending with the police is one of them…


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I love The Dark Eye. It’s so imaginative, playable, dark and scary - one of the few flawless games/multimedia experiences I had luck to encounter. In TDE the real horror comes from within you as a player, like a resonance, just as it should be in a good horror stuff (movies, games).

I had been quite familiar with the opuses of E.A. Poe and Mr. Burrows before I played TDE, but the latter astonished me with his thespian talent. That man read The Mask of the Red Death in such a manner that even Jeremy Irons (one of my favourite actors, the one with the most powerful voice I can imagine) wouldn’t have done better.

I have played TDE so long ago (btw, my daughter who played with me still has the nightmares induced by those terrifying whispers you hear every now and then) that a replay is in order.


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