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Good adventure games like Rhiannon,Scratches and Dark Fall

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Joined 2012-07-25


Hi all,i am really getting back into adventure games and i was just wondering which other games like Rhiannon,Scratches and Dark Fall do you guys recommend?any info would be great guys and thanks Laughing


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Joined 2012-03-09


Perhaps you should have a look to the “scene of the day” Wink
There are no real riddles in Poe’s the Dark Eye, but it is first person, scary, creepy and finally, a great classic adventure game.

You could also check Darkness within (1&2), although personally I didn’t liked them but it’s a matter of taste.


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Joined 2011-04-01


Barrow Hill (generally regarded a must-play)
Last Half of Darkness series - (try Tomb of Zojir first)
Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok
Blackstone Chronicles
The Filmmaker (has a different setting but very enjoyable)


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Joined 2009-04-28



Old 90’s Sierra game, first person, scary atmosphere. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who love it, love it!

I’ll second Barrow Hill and Blackstone Chronicles too.


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Joined 2009-04-25


In addition to the previous great suggestions, I would recommend The Lost Crown.

It’s a little different because it’s in third person, but once you get used to that it’s a really atmospheric game with an interesting story.

Personally, I consider myself a first person gamer. The Lost Crown is the only third person game I’ve tried that I found easy to get into. I would recommend giving it a shot, even if that’s not what you normally play. Smile


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Joined 2005-07-07


Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting. No masterpiece but worth playing. The review here at AG was unfair IMO.


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Joined 2009-12-19


The Lost Crown, Downfall, Amnesia dark descent, Barrow Hill, Black mirror 1( I havent played black mirror 2 or 3 but I highly enjoyed the first one)

All of those games I listed have dark themes but are adventure games. Personally My favorite of them all and its also my favorite 3rd person adventure game of all time :
The Lost Crown

I still haven’t finished AMnesia dark descent because well it scares the **** out of me and I’m stuck in a terrifying spot. Maybe I will gather the courage to try again this weekend when no working lol!


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