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Lucasfilm Games and Bethesda Softworks announce Indiana Jones game


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Joined 2015-07-01


tomimt - 24 January 2021 08:57 AM

Assassins Creed is really the worst example of a modern AAA-series. All you really do in them is repeated 4 basic missions types with different voice overs.

Except with Black Flag I’m convinced the developers original we’re going to make a pirates game and then Ubisoft at the last second said wait throw Assassin’s Creed’s name on it, to sell more copies


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I’m pretty sure it will be a FPS…
The 2 studios behind this have made FPS games. Bethesada too is well know for this (have they done another kind of game?)
I would even imagine a game where we play someone else than Indy. After all that’s what they’re doing with Star Wars already: creating new heros for the games.
The teaser shown for Indiana Jones has the same kind of vibe than the Fallout 3 teaser when Bethesda rebooted the series into a FPS years ago.
I would love an action adventure game instead of FPS (of course we can’t expect an adventure game only… Too bad)
I prefer to expect the worst and maybe have a good surprise Crazy


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Yeah, with AAA games it’s definitely smart to expect the worst. They still have ample time to announce all the microtransaction they’ve planned. Want to play the game wearing Indy’s fedora? 3.50$


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