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Games that teach you stuff

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Joined 2021-04-17


Hi guys. My first post here and it’s a thread already /flex

I used to play games a lot, but stopped years ago because of the feeling of wasted time. Recently I was reminded how nice it is a distraction from the daily routines.

I figured out that I would love to find games that are fun but at the same time give the feeling of being enriched in some way. Games that are perhaps informing in some field of knowledge or maybe good for practicing languages - or maybe useful in life in some other manner that I cannot think of now.

Any ideas?



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I have learned a lot of esoteric lessons from games like Zelda, Lemmings, and old-school adventure games—I’ll be writing posts/articles about these soon.
But as far as academic learning, I would recommend seeking out the adventure games made by Jane Jensen (of Gabriel Knight fame) and Christy Marx (Conquests of the Longbow, Conquests of Camelot). Both designers are very good at incorporating true history into the context of their fictional adventure game stories, and their games are very very good, to boot!
I’m also currently playing Laura Bow and the Dagger of Amon Ra, which takes place in a museum, and I’ve been learning a lot of cool historical tidbits from it. Entertaining game, not intended to be explicitly education, but even the overtly educational parts are very entertaining.

There was also a Myst-like first person adventure game series where each game focused on a different scientific field—chemistry, physics, biology, etc—, and I recall that they were well received as good games and good educational tools.

Hard to find but also supposedly pretty good is the mid-90’s adventure game Wrath of the Gods, which was considered one of the best games about Greek mythology until God of War came around.


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Odyssey - The Story of Science should be to your interest…


Mostly physics and astronomy based puzzles, simple and basic enough to be solved by most people (it was designed for school aged students I believe).


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Joined 2021-04-11


Wow.  What a coincidence.  Look a few posts down in the forum at my “Braingames site…?” post.  The responder above is talking about the Physicus/Chemicus/Bioscopia game series that provide in-game science lessons as part of their puzzle solutions (at least Physicus does).  There appears to be about a dozen or so games in the series.  The game play of Physicus falls right in line with MYST.  He’s also correct that they seem to be hard to get ahold of here in the US.  I can’t figure out how that German Braingames site works as far as US customers go (and no one else here has responded to the post…)  Let me know if you’re ever able to get any of the games either by physical copy (box or jewel) or even just as a download.

One other pretty good learning game I found out about over at Gameboomers is “Quantum Prisoner”.  It’s a free game, so easy to check it out ( & it’s what got me interested in the Physicus games…)

Now if only someone might answer my Braingames question (for both of us, maybe…)


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