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Happy birthday Jackall!


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Joined 2005-10-23


Hi Jackall,

I saw on your FB page that you have your birthday tomorrow! Finally I am the first to post! Woot! Smile

Anyway, have a smashing birthday and a giant caterpillar!


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If Facebook is to be trusted, then I wish you a Happy Birthday as well, Jack. And if they’re wrong, well then, we’re probably meant to believe today is the day, so Happy Birthday in any case.


Lee Edward McIlmoyle,
Probably NOT the kind of guy you think he is.


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The cake says it all!


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I have a Facebook page? Oh yeah! 

But wait, what? I have a birthday too? How’d that happen?! Pretty sure I just had one of these things not long ago (getting closer together every time).

Thanks for the BD wishes. And tsa, I sure hope that sucker turns into a butterfly. Tongue


Editor-in-Chief, some obscure little site called Adventure Gamers


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Happy Birthday Jackal! Smile


Lazy Bee
Temporary guest in your life.

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