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A Simple Refrain - by Robert Holmes & Roger Hooper


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Joined 2011-06-07


I’ve just listened to these new tracks, that contain mostly piano renditions of Robert Holmes most famous themes.
I must say I’m pleasantly surprised to hear Holmes theme’s in a very different arrangement and mood. It goes to show how well Holmes composed his music and by stripping off various layers of synthesizer sounds you really feel the heart and soul of his music.

I particularly recommend the 2nd track, a brilliant piano arrangement of Gabriel Knight 3 introduction with a ‘Phillip Glass’-esque vibe to it. It surpasses easily any rendition as heard during the game.

The other tracks are great too and there are surprises to be heard in the way these arrangements are done, they go way beyond the basic melody as heard in the games.

The only track that feels a bit out of place is the Gabriel Knight 1 rendition, which for obvious reasons doesn’t only feature piano, but several synthesized sounds aswel to maintain the mood of the original.

So if you haven’t heard it yet and you are a fan of Robert Holmes’ music, go get it now. You can also easily find it on Spotify or Apple Music.

I’ve listened to the CD for a couple of days and it really starts to grow on me.
The music is absolutely fantastic, offering a mood that is nostalgic but still fresh and new.
Anybody else listened yet? What did you think?


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