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My sister and I started playing adventure PC games back in the early 90s, and became addicted to them! In the past years, as the demand for these games waned, it was my sister who kept up to speed with what new games were coming out. She would then pass them on to me, or else often we would play them together.

To my unending remorse, my sister passed away in 2010.

Some of my happiest memories with my sister involve playing PC adventure games together. I try to keep this tradition alive now, with her present in spirit if not in person. Alas, as a mother of two young children who also works outside the home, not only is the opportunity to play the games rare, but I also have hard time keeping up to date on new games being released that look worth playing.

I will gladly accept recommendations for games I might enjoy! Some of my favorites are the Gabriel Knight series, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, The Lost Crown, the Black Mirror series, Culpa Innata, and the first Still Life.

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