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Looking for mature-dark sci fi shows


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Joined 2009-06-07


Okay so I’m running a bit low on tv shows at the moment. And lately I’m starting to become more and more interested in sci fi stuff. Now as some might know I’m really not into space operas mostly because I can’t get over the fact that the aliens in those shows look like humans with too much make up on. However the bulk of that quibble is based on the single season I saw of Stargate Atlantis and too be honest I think it was more the lightheartedness(I don;t want to feel good when watching a tv show Wink ) and the procedural format that bothered me then the poor design of the aliens on the show. So I;ve decided to get over my own prejudices and start watching a sci fi show. Only problem is: I’ve literally no idea what to watch! The only space opera I truly liked (in fact I absolutely adore it and can hardly shut up about how awesome it is) is Battlestar Galactica which I consider to be the greatest sci fi show I’ve yet seen. I loved the grittyness and the complexity of the show. As well as the fact that they were willing to go places with the story that really made you unfomfortable and challenged you. That it dared to adress mature and contorversial topics and ask questions that not everyone wanted to be asked. In my opinion it’s a genre masterpiece. So I’m kinda looking for a show that’s at least just as dark and mature as that. Now I’ve heard Farscape is kinda dark but it certainly doesn’t look the part. Is that my prejudice talking or is it not really what I’m looking for? And if not then what is? I also kinda liked Firefly but it did feel a bit too much procedural to me. I quite like serials if that wasn’t clear yet.

Hope you guys can help. I got the idea some of you have watched quite a few sci fi shows so this seemed a good place to ask.

Edit1: It needn’t necesaarilly be a space opera. Any decent dark and mature sci fi show will do. Allthough I ahve watched quite a few earthbound sci fi shows which is why i originally didn’t include them

Edit2: It needn’t be in English. I quite liked the Scandinavian sci fi series Real Humans. As long as it’s got subtitles I’m fine.

Edit3: This is just a fun fact. While looking for a show I cam across IGN’s top 50 sci fi shows. Apparantly they agree with me on BSG as they have it as their #1.


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Joined 2011-10-21


Battlestar Galactica and Firefly are mentioned. I’m out of ideas… Tongue

There have been a couple of pretty decent alien invasion shows.
Threshold was pretty good, but that got axed during its first season (very much like Firefly but without a Big Damn Movie for closure).
And I liked Dark Skies back in the 90s. A lot better than Taken at least…


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Joined 2008-01-09


Farscape is generally on the darker side, and Babylon 5 has a good mix.  An oldie you might like is Blake’s 7.  The special effects aren’t much, but the characters and stories are excellent.


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Joined 2005-09-29


Almost Human
Not too dark but along the lines of Bladerunner and really great production values.
If you are fan of Scifi and Deusex or Cyberpunk , best bet.


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Joined 2013-12-07


I think you should give Farscape a chance.  You may not get into it right away but I think it is worth it and decently dark.


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Joined 2014-07-02


Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror


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Joined 2012-09-28


It’s hard to determine “dark” these days because by the standard of 20 years ago, most of today’s TV dramas are incredibly dark. So by my outdated standards I’d recommend Babylon 5, Carnivale (not strictly sci-fi, more dark&twisted; fantasy) and maybe Farscape if you don’t mind some silliness. B5 really is unmissable stuff but not dark by modern standards (and thank god for that).

Or maybe you shouldn’t listen to me because your beloved BSG bored me to sleep after the first few episodes.


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