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Gary Winnick’s Bad Dreams graphic novel (Maniac Mansion co-desginer)


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Joined 2003-09-10


This isn’t game related so I’m posting it here in Chit Chat, but I thought some of the LucasArts fans would be interested in this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badreams/bad-dreams-volume-1

It’s a Kickstarter for Bad Dreams, a graphic novel by Gary Winnick (former LucasArts art director who created Maniac Mansion with Ron Gilbert). It’s available digitally already and he wants to raise funds to do a printed collection. I haven’t read it but I love the art style, especially that lady with the night hair. Smile


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Joined 2007-08-24


A shame the campaign didn’t go that well, but apparently it went well enough to get a publishing deal for a limited series and trade paperback.
And Gary is doing a nice thing by sending to all of the backers up to that point “a limited edition autographed print specially created for the Kickstarter campaign as a personal thank you for the support”.

Also, the pitch made me smile (not to mention the blooper reels) Wink
Thanks for posting about it fov!


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Joined 2009-12-11


I purchased all three of the print issues available so far and I’m really enjoying it.  The storyline is really whimsical, the characters are really amusing, and the art is wonderful.

I really recommend picking this up if you get the chance (and if you can find it, as it’s been selling out like crazy, which is hopefully a good sign for future comic projects from Mr. Winnick Smile).


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