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Creative Camera Angles? 

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Joined 2020-01-18


I know there’s some real creative camera angles with the old point and click adventure games with the fixed camera with a decorative foreground, or a framing device. What are some you can think of?


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Joined 2018-12-01


The first games that come to mind are the Infogrames classics of the 90s. Very unique and artistically framed and I liked how the character could always come up close to the camera so you could see them in more detail. Sometimes the camera would be close to the ground, sometimes it would be up high. And always very atmospheric.

Jack in the Dark

Time Gate: Knight’s Chase

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark 3


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Joined 2013-02-12


Serendipitously, Time Gate:Knight’s Chase has recently appeared on GOG:


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Joined 2013-03-14


Larry 3 had one pretty interesting screen, where the camera was set under glass floor tiles. It’s the shower scene at the gym. The gym scene itself was interesting as well, as it has been divided into a kind of comic book panels.

Here’s the gym scene, less risque of the two: https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/leisure-suit-larry-iii-passionate-patti-in-pursuit-of-the-pulsat/screenshots/gameShotId,743238/


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Joined 2017-12-19


Does it have to be old, like you specify, or do any games regardless of age qualify?

If so, I nominate Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today.

To quote myself from the review that I wrote:
“Dead Synchronicity also looks different than most computer games do. Everything is very cartoon-like, stylistically something that might be more likely to be found on the pages of a printed comic book than a computer game. Whether the colour palette actually is reduced or not is another thing, but it certainly feels that way, as many locations in the game seem to consist of only few dominant colours.”


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