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Most frustrating adventure game ever played! 

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Joined 2018-11-09


As flow-up to Gatekeeper’s post of

“I am not totally against dead-ends, but the big problem is that there is usually no way to know that the game has entered an unwinnable state. At least there could be an alternative ending for such cases, which would be a kind of fair way to do it.”

Yes, this - totally agree. And this is changed, as development and player side has grown up. You cannot even think about to leave a player kn the lombo without at least hinting, that “it’s the end”. It’s actually respecting player’s time and it’s ok Smile


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I think the reson for this, at least with Kyrandia was that you gave the player waaaay too much freedom, could throw away stuff you needed and do whatever you wanted but the games again was so good it didn’t matter, think I’ll play it now in fact haha.


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Joined 2018-01-09


I don’t know if I’d call it the “most frustrating I ever played” but I’ve written previously how the original Black Mirror frustrated me to the point that I stopped playing (despite the story and atmosphere being good).



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