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Can’t use “Contact Us” function

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Joined 2009-11-05


I wanted to send an e-mail reporting some games that I feel should have an entry in the database, but the character limit for the e-mail is too small, so I can’t do it.

Anyway, I’ll drop the games here then, seems like the next best place.

First up is Stela, a game that seems to be heavily inspired by Inside.

The other one is Disco Elysium. A weird detective game, mixing RPG elements into dialogue. There’s no combat though, so should be right at home here.

I hope to do this via e-mail in the future, if it’s working and if reporting on missed games is actually something you’d want to see.


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Joined 2012-02-17


Ivo will have to deal with the contact form issue (I’ll make sure he knows), but I’m absolutely open to hearing from people with potential new games.

I haven’t heard of Stela, so I’ll look into it. Disco Elysium I’m still very much on the fence about. Combat isn’t necessarily what characterizes RPGs, but rather significant stat management, and my understanding is that there’s a lot of that in DE. That doesn’t automatically disqualify it from getting coverage here, but nor does a lack of combat make it an adventure game either. As you say in that other thread, really it’s a sub-genre squarely in between.

In any case, I haven’t decided anything for sure either way. I’m hoping to eyeball it firsthand soon to get a better feel for it.


Editor-in-Chief, some obscure little site called Adventure Gamers

Total Posts: 56

Joined 2009-11-05


Yeah, my e-mail address is pretty long, so it’s probably an edge case scenario, but still. Tongue

It’s exciting to see a new kind of game that’s hard to categorize into existing genres. I think Disco Elysium at least warrants some kind of an article since it seems to be a solid game and should interest a lot of adventure game fans. Like you did with Moss for example.

I pretty much go back and forth playing RPGs and adventures myself, so I’ll be sure to check it out to see what a game that does both looks like. Smile


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