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Argonus and the Gods of Stone from Zojoi


Total Posts: 2431

Joined 2013-03-14


For some time I’ve been thinking that Zojoi, the original devs of the Shadowgate who also did the fantastic remake of it, is more or less dead. That assumption seems to have been wrong, as they have been tinkering a new 1st person adventure, Argonus and the Gods of Stone.

It is a game inspired by 60s and 70s Greek mythology based adventure movies, so it sounds it could be fun.



Total Posts: 98

Joined 2009-02-07


I found this game fine for adventure game fans because while not perfect it’s definitely above average in the genre. I wouldn’t recommend it to random gamers mainly because it’s mostly adventuring and no action, but also a few puzzles make little sense so they may waste time for little reason.


Total Posts: 308

Joined 2018-12-01


I would say it’s better than fine. It would have been easy to botch this kind of game, but it’s consistently entertaining, puzzles well clued and the reliance on myth along with the excellent narrator gives it an authenticity you don’t often get from the adventure genre. You can tell it’s from experienced developers, and I definitely get a Shadowgate vibe while playing.


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