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Does owning swag make everyone a better gamer?

Total Posts: 16

Joined 2017-04-06


I am a D.Va main but I suck at Overwatch. I have been looking at videos and guides on YouTube to improve my game but to no avail. Finally I met a guy who gave me the answer.

Swag. Merch. Stuff.

I bought shirts, Funkos, wallets and so many things but they had little effect. But hope still remains. I found this D.Va-mari and I think this will help me up my game.

Stay-tuned, I’ll update my improvements below…


Total Posts: 7110

Joined 2005-09-29


Any kind of motivation can kick your skills or i say determination to get good
I remember buying very early copy of DemonsSouls but was too hard for me
There were some boss fights that i wanted to fight and just for them i kept on getting gud

If owning swag helps your mind all the better, its all in your mind when it comes to winning in games or life


Total Posts: 16

Joined 2017-04-06


I don’t know why but it does. I feel I expect myself to be better now, way better, and now there is no going back and I to live up to those expectations.


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