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Survey for PC gamers

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Joined 2015-12-21


TL;DR here’s the survey link: https://www.survey-xact.dk/LinkCollector?key=S1PWJ1YQ9635

Hey guys and gals!

It would help me out a great deal if you could take this 3 minute gaming survey. I’m a long time gamer and a student currently writing my thesis. In short, the purpose of the thesis will be to gauge the impact of mobile games on the competitive situation and profitability of the PC games market. As part of this, I’m conducting a quantitative consumer study of PC gamers in the form of an online survey in order to obtain data on behavioural patterns related to both PC gaming and mobile gaming; and it’s in regard to this that I crave for your input. Now, hold up! Some of you might be thinking that since you’re not interested in mobile games at all, it doesn’t matter if you take the survey; but that is not the case! Even though you’re not into mobile games whatsoever, your feedback is still absolutely crucial to me.

In this paragraph, I’ll be addressing some potential concerns of yours. First of all, I have no corporate affiliations at this time whatsoever; nor is this study being done on behalf of any corporate interests or organizations. The study has been undertaken entirely due to academic curiosity, attainment of knowledge of consumer behavior within the PC games market, and of course, personal interest. As such, all respondents will remain completely anonymous throughout, while the final results and conclusions of the study will be publicly available through an educational online database. In order to ensure the safety and anonymity of respondents, you will only be able to take the survey if an encrypted connection can be established to the survey server. Also, in order to preserve the data, you will not be able to make changes to already completed questionnaires. Additionally, in obeying the law I’m obliged to request that any minor take the survey with the consent or under the supervision of their legal guardian. I hope I’ve addressed your potential concerns as respondents sufficiently, but if you have any other concerns, please let me know. Furthermore, if you have any thoughts on or criticism of the study, please feel free to voice your opinion!

I’ll be extremely grateful to every single one of you taking the survey and helping me out! Merry Christmas everyone!

LINK TO THE SURVEY: https://www.survey-xact.dk/LinkCollector?key=S1PWJ1YQ9635


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Joined 2016-02-08


Survey done..


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Joined 2016-05-17


Survey swap?

Mine is about how people game for relaxation after work. It’s 10-15 minutes of an online questionnaire, basically say how much you agree/disagree with a statement



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Joined 2017-02-01


i’ll do it too!


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