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Watchdogs is a game with wonderful voice actors and excellent art. The realism of the faces and the expansive never-ending twists and turns of the city were beautifully rendered by hundreds of talented people. The storyline was thin, however, and I did not like my character who, in seeking revenge for the gang killing of this niece, kills hundreds of innocents, and sadly even police, as he accidentally runs over victims and destroys structures without a single note of regret. Anytime a game includes killing non-enemies or people rightly chasing you because you have committed a crime sets a bad example. As far as game play, there were waaaaaaaaay to many car chases to make this fun for me. The hacking aspects were timely, though, and lent some logic to the plot. 3/5


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Lots of gamer misjudged that comparing it with shooter actions like GTA but
it was about hacking tools,stealth and run, as you mentioned playing it like GTA possible
but that blandness end up hacking itself.


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