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Chilie, a spicy count’n click


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Joined 2012-10-03


Hello everyone!
The icehouse, our new artists collective, is happy to announce the release of an atypical project: Chilie, a scripted puzzle and brain-training game. 
Homepage of Chilie :

Travelling through an imaginary China, along with her Guardian, Chilie is searching for her missing mother. Chilie is a funny little girl with red hair who loves red chilli-pepper and is very independent and strong-willed. Designed with soft visuals using cell-shading, you will follow the adventures of Chilie and her Guardian, on the road again searching for clues. This interactive story will take you into their everyday life, full of comical situations, where you have to solve simple math-puzzles to progress in the game.


In Chilie, there are 2 different gameplays. The math-puzzles will use your skills in mental calculation. A target number appears on screen, and you have to reach it by choosing the correct operators, with as few moves as you can. To succeed, you’ll have to be clever and calculating, looking for new operators in the changing environments. The second kind of gameplay appears as QTE (quick time events), where you must repeat the arrow sequences displayed on your screen. In both cases, you’ll be rewarded with a score (0 to 3 stars) after each scene of the game. Of course the difficulty evolves, and if it seems quite easy at the beginning, new challenges will soon be added to challenge your brain!

Main features:
- A funny interactive story, reminiscent of mangas like Yotsuba&! or Hare+Guu
- Progress in the story through QTE scenes and showing your reflexes
- Reach the target number during the easy math puzzles to unlock the next scenes
- Soft graphics in cell-shading similar to games like Okami
Release : May 2014
Available for : PC (Desura). Also available as a free-to-play on Android & iOS
Category : Casual, Reflexion, Brain-training
Genre : Cartoon, Manga
Price : 3.99€
DRM : DRM free
Languages : English, French

About The icehouse :
We are a small collective of indie creators (video games, short films, comics…) trying to bring more visibility to our member artists. Created by Simon Says: Watch! Play! and Beckoning Cat around different ideas that we both share, we already have several games projects that personify us, from 1st person adventure to J-RPG, including: ASA: A Space Adventure, Catyph, The Black Tower, Chilie…




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