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Harald BJK5000GamesLuhr28

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A multiplayer competitive adventure game. 


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Joined 2003-09-19


Picture an adventure game sort of like say ... Quest for Glory 4.

Now pretend that the game were online and in the game there’s another player playing a different character. Maybe they start at say, Katrina’s castle. Or say another player is playing Katrina. They’ve got a motivation. And the other play will solve puzzles. Like, say the thieves guild. If the Katrina character solves the puzzle first they get to train as a thief.

And maybe one way of winning would be to make it so the other player can’t continue because you’ve solved all the puzzles.

I wonder what QFG 5 would have been like if they’d done the multiplayer?


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Joined 2012-06-21


Hmm, the competitive edge would bring a sense of haste that’s not quite at home in adventure gaming.  Not to mention that the puzzles would be easy as pie with such simple and quick communication between players.  Cooperative multiplayer would work much better, I would think.

No specific examples, though, as I’ve yet to play QFG4.


“It’s like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain!”

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Joined 2012-05-21


Interesting idea, but not one I personally would go for. If I were to ever want to play an adventure game in multi-player, I’d FAAAR prefer it to be co-operative play. Adventure games, for me, are not about competition. I don’t even particularly enjoy timed puzzles, so I can’t imagine enjoying a situation where I was competing against another actual player to accompish things. Not in an adventure game, anyway. There are other types of games where I expect that, though to be honest, that may be part of why I prefer Adventure games to those. Wink


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