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Game tester job anyone doing it?

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Joined 2013-05-17


Hey guys,

Nowadays, I see more and more game reviewers on YouTube who are popular enough to make a living out of their videos and brand. Athene, TobyTurner, ZX etc.
Thinking about this I thought: wouldn’t it be possible to be a game tester for developers / companies to beta test their games and get paid? I know it probably sounds more fun than it really is but I do think it’s something I really would enjoy (also the developer side of things etc).

Looked into it and came across some companies that have tester positions from home. Does any of you guys have experience with this? How many hours do you need to work and for what pay?

Please let me know or give me some tips. Thanks.


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Joined 2007-02-23


I’ve never been a tester myself, but from what I know of others’ experiences it’s not a very desirable position. But I guess it varies from company to company.


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Joined 2007-11-25


My scam radar is still crying after looking at that site, and the site they’re “reviewing”. Looks like you pay $27 a month to get access to the ‘game tester job database’ of Gaming Jobs Online (if they even exist). But they advertise a 7 day trial for $1, if someone feel like poking around. Personally I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card details.


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Joined 2004-02-16


I have been testing games for ages (both freeware games and commercial) and the most I ever get out of it is my name in the credits, a copy of the game or a t-shirt. Plus the satisfaction of helping make the game a little bit better and being involved in the early stages. Wink

Sure, there are paid positions in QA but they would never be ‘from home’ or part-time. Think about the risk of the testers leaking builds… I’ve seen many of these sites and they are always scams. As Jannik says, you just pay a lot of money to get access to a database that is out of date or non-existent.

If you do want to try your hand at testing just visit forums like this, AGS/Wintermute etc and offer your services for free. Once you have some solid experience you can try and apply for a ‘real’ QA job with a developer in your neighbourhood.


Madre de Dios, es el Pollo Diablo!


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Joined 2004-08-02


I am a developer not a tester, but I know a lot of testers in my company. Testers do monotonous work, and they are usually underpayed compared to the rest of the positions. But being a tester is a great way of getting your foot into a game company. From there, a lot of testers manage to switch to other positions in the company like engineering or product or design.


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Joined 2013-06-02


I started testing games 2003 for former JoWooD and I was one of the testers of SpellForce series, Gothic series, Guild series and many others.

Testing is a necessary party of every game development. I am glad, I could put a foot in the game industry by starting testing :-) and now I am caught in this industry :-D but it’s awesome :-D


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Joined 2008-01-09


Where’s Len Green?..... he’s been doing it since the beginning of the Adventure (Quest) game genre.


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