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Heroine’s Quest; an officially unofficial community play-through


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Joined 2017-08-27


Doom - 31 July 2020 06:58 PM

Ok, so I had to start all over again because it turned out I lacked certain skill (Animal Ken, of course) to be able to craft pelts to keep me warm for a reasonable amount of time. While I chose it on my first playthrough many years ago, somehow I never realised it was meant to be used for this sort of things. In fact I remember other people also complaining that this particular skill was pretty useless in the first version of the game, maybe the devs extended it in later updates? Either way it’s impossible to play without this skill now - the Fire spell alone lasts only for like 1-2 seconds.

Oh, yes - it is possible. Speaking as a thief with no Animal Ken OR fire spell. It’s just hard out there for a pimp. But possible.  Tongue

Vehelon - 05 August 2020 05:20 AM
Doom - 05 August 2020 04:33 AM

lost all my patience solving the Liff-Lithrasir love quest

Heh, I told Liff that Lithrasir didn’t want his stinking flowers before I even asked her. So that quest was easy for me.

(I still stand behind my decision - I mean, the guy’s a herbalist and wants me to pick his flowers for him and give them to her? Who wants a guy like that?)

Haha, I feel you. I did proceed with this quest though, just to see what the completion of it brings me. But I did keep thinking about the dude who’d asked a woman to deliver flowers for him across the orc-infested forest. Not a stand-up guy, that one.

Celebreon - 05 August 2020 03:11 PM

LOL I just want to get rid of Lithrasir so Snorri can be all mine!

I even got Snorri black-out drunk once, but my love remains unrequited.

This one is another questionable one. Did you get the quest of his “family” gemstone and completed it? Total douche! Not doubting his warrior skills and honor, but when it comes to the hero…I’d slap him. Pan

Speaking of honor… I’m a thief, so what honor?? I stole everything that I could, then pick-pocketed people and also completed quests with immediately pick-pocketing the items I JUST GAVE THEM… So yeah, I’d like to think I live by some “thief honor codex”. AKA, I’m a good person with certain values and won’t let you die and even fight for you, but… watch your purse, homie.

Also, I have just found Alviss! In the place I didn’t expect at all, I was more curious why it’s even on the map, so I tried some items there and lo and behold! Although, I can’t decide if his manner of speaking is more annoying then the city mage’s or less. It might be a tie.

That didn’t trigger Ch. 4, however, so I’m probably missing an event that does that for now.


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Joined 2018-12-01


Celebreon - 05 August 2020 03:11 PM

LOL I just want to get rid of Lithrasir so Snorri can be all mine!

I even got Snorri black-out drunk once, but my love remains unrequited.

Is Lithrasir supposed to be interested in Snorri? I got the impression it was the other way round, but unrequited.


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Joined 2018-01-11


I just wanted to update you that this morning I was able to procure one of the eyes of thiassi!

So theoretically I’ll be able to confront egther soon?

I recently found a shield spell.
I found out I can use the telescope in Aurvandel’s tower to preview other parts of the map before I walk there.  I think I tried this before but wasn’t sure.
I defeated the hagbui!
I rescued the Jarl! (and checked all the rewards to see)
I ‘rescued’ kraka! (tried two different way so far)
I found a power potion which is awesome.  I haven’t used it yet, I just like having it ^_^
I found the recipe for a mana scroll.
And Andvari crafted better armor for me!
I feel like a badass now.
I stole fafnir’s treasure chest too!

So I have a question for you guys, and it is:

What did you do when messing with the bridge troll?
I think he’s hilarious.
Once I just teleported around him haha! and the other time I told him that a pirahna would jump from the river and bite him, and he stood on his shield instead, and shot him in the FACE!  And he ran off cowarding bwahaha! I was really hoping I could push him and he would slide down on the shield like sled.

EDIT:  I made it to chapter 4!  Yay!


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Joined 2018-01-11


I completed HQ this morning! 

I’m really thrilled about it!  This game was a ton of fun, and I might even go back and pick up some of the quests I missed. 

I’ll expand on that a little more after more of us have finished the game up.

The only thing I want to say about the ending so far (besides being a lot like QFG as well) is that sometimes you will get a message that implies you are doing the right thing, but you in fact have done it out of order.  I got stuck on Egther for a long time because I was getting a message that implied I was doing the right thing, when I was just doing it too soon, or in the wrong order.

I defeated 3 bosses, protected munarvagir, erased myself from existence countless times, I burned a hole in ice and drowned in it, I was eaten by vargs, I was struck by the Norn’s lightning, I was able to find an Ice spell, but not a lightning one (I’m missing a spell!), I found an item that let me teleport to any city instantly, I found a cloak that protects me from all cold effects, I found a potion that increases a skill by 25 instantly (and can be used twice!), and I found a power potion that makes me a beast during combat.

I certainly feel like a powerful Sorceress Heroine!


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Joined 2013-03-14


It really does amaze me, that Heroine’s Quest was released as a free game. It is, overall, a solid adventure/rpg hybrid with a lot of effort and time poured into it. It’s definitely better than some commercial entries to the genre.


Total Posts: 1251

Joined 2013-08-25


Finally got to play Chapter 4 and… finished it in no time. I forgot how short it was, could’ve finished it back then, but oh well. It was still an epic final to an epic game. I tried following every lead, completed every quest and searched for extra stuff and still ended with only 447 points out of 500 and 85% honor rating Frown

I had a feeling  there were some extra quests left unfinished, just couldn’t figure out which. Turned out you could not only find and change Alvis back for a short period of time which I did, but also allow him to escape to his realm, doh!. This, in turn, leads to another quest which I also missed despite I tried all my best to help Sigrun the widow somehow since she refused to vote for me, but nothing worked. Turned out by helping Alvis I could’ve helped Sigrun. I also wasn’t able to brew one certain potion because I lacked one certain item while there was extra staff simply lying in my inventory, like the pair of wings which the heroine never used. So the game is very replayable, and, like any good game, it gives you leads, but leaves you on your own.

Playing as a sorceress was a lot of fun. Discovering all the spells was very satisfying (especially the Lighting Bolt you get from Aurvandel after completing one of his crazy quests, feels like a true award after all we’ve been through). I also enjoyed that little spell puzzle game you play with Aurvandel and completed two versions of it, including the one used as an alternative solution to get the Eye, very clever. There were also plenty of magic items scattered around. I completely forgot about that cursed ring Grin A cruel joke from the devs. I was just in the middle of some quest when I stupidly picked it up.

Celebreon - 08 August 2020 12:37 PM

What did you do when messing with the bridge troll?

I used to confuse him by teleporting on the other side since my talking abilities weren’t good enough for a good lie, but then I just gave him the cursed ring and he accepted it as a toll.

I really enjoyed the whole “impressing the villagers” metaquest too as well as some side-quests. Some of my favourites were getting rid of the evil ghost that haunted the entrance to the village and solving Skrymir’s 3 challenges, pretty smart and fun. And, of course, the last combat puzzle you encounter in the game is very well-designed despite you can’t save and have to start over if you choose wrong. But that’s classic game design, so no complaints on my side. I’m glad I rediscovered the game after all those years. Wish they made a sequel.


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