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[Open DEMO] A turn-based multiplayer “I am NOT a Monster”

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Joined 2018-08-09


I am NOT a Monster – is a turn-based tactical multiplayer in a retro sci-fi setting with randomly assigned roles and Mafia/Werewolf party game features.

We invite you to try the Beta-version (or, how Steam calls it – “Demo”) and would love to hear your feedback either on our subreddit or through a survey that you will find in the game.

What is this game about?

And what are the “Mafia/Werewolf features”?

You and your friends (up to 6 people in a team) are saving spaceship passengers from Monsters, BUT:

• Monsters take human form and look just like ordinary people

• Monsters are among those 6 heroes who are saving the passengers

• Since the roles in the game are assigned randomly, even you can be a Monster

So, if you happen to be a Hero:

• do your best to find and rescue the passengers

• reveal Monsters among players and eliminate them

If you happen to be a Monster:

• infect others, and they will turn into Monsters as well or just kill the passengers

• act as if you are a human and don’t get exposed

The demo version is already available on Steam, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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