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Anyone have any idea what happened to Just Adventure

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Joined 2016-06-14


I went to the Just Adventure site and was greeted with this

Duplicate entry ‘1-’ for key ‘whosonline’ SQL=INSERT INTO `u54g7_session` (`session_id`, `client_id`, `time`) VALUES (‘ce2c336de693d0584ece9aee42707f92’, 0, ‘1513329392’)

anyone have any idea what it means and am I the only one who experienced this error message or have others. Sorry about posting this here but since the site is down I can’t comment on their forums.


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Looks like a database error where it was not able to pass through values to a table. This has to be fixed on the admin’s side - you’re fine.


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The JA site seems fine now, but the forums were discontinued some time ago. Several months ago, I think.


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