Adventure games by Michael B. Clark

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The Arrangement  2004

You thought you had it all – a wonderful wife, a challenging and rewarding career, a bright future – everything you could ask for. Until a diabolical man steps in, steals your wife, and turns your world upside down. Is it simply a horrific twist of fate? Or has your life been pre-arra

Harvest  2002

You are walking your dog in the park one summer evening when he pulls free and runs into the bushes and vanishes into thin air. You go after him and suddenly find yourself in a strange underground complex. A diabolical man has invented a machine to poison the world, and you quickly realize that fi...

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The Fate of It All

Explore the lives of six individuals, solving puzzles, collecting clues, and exploring richly detailed areas as you learn the fate of each. How did their lives all come together in some bizarre twist?  Was it ultimately fate?  We all have choices in life – always with consequ...

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