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Blackstone Chronicles (John Saul’s)  1998

Fasten your straight-jacket. It’s time to immerse yourself in the chilling world of John Saul’s Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror – where tortured spirits from the past offer you the only hope of saving your missing family. And your sanity.

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon  1997

The gods have decided that it’s closing time for our universe, so the regulars at Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon can either drink up and go home, or do something about it. But Callahan’s is no ordinary neighborhood bar. Think of it as a cross between Cheers and the Star Wars cantina...

Shannara  1995

Slain decades ago, Brona's evil spirit has come back to wreak revenge upon those who killed him. Now only the combined magic of the races can destroy him. You are Jak Ohmsford, the only one who can overcome the ancestral hatreds that divide the Four Lands, and only you can wield the magic that will ...

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Mission Critical  1995

The hull is breached, air is slowly leaking from your crippled vessel and the weapons systems are down. Your ship's mission could end 15 years of interstellar war, but as the only remaining crewman, your first goal is survival. Your adventure will take you from the bridge of your battlecruiser USS...

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Superhero League of Hoboken  1994

The United States is a nightmareland of toxic waste, melted ice caps, and desperate shortages of oat bran. Horrible mutations roam the countryside—monsters spawned of radiation, environmental toxins, and unregulated bio-engineering. But in a tiny corner of New Jersey, a small group of Supe...

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Death Gate  1994

Long ago after centuries of war, the Sartan race smashed the World Seal and sundered the Earth into separate magical realms, each sealed from the other by the powerful Death Gate. In isolation, magic was corrupted, knowledge lost and the common humanity that once bound the world was forgotten. The...

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Companions of Xanth  1993

Xanth – where emerald hillsides sparkle in the sunlight and magical springs bubble with enchanted waters, where lyrebirds play mystical tunes and needle cacti inflict a deadly sting. When two demons vie for control of this world, you become a key player in a deadly game whose stakes are the e...

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Gateway (Series)

Gateway (Series) 1993

San Fransisco 2112 AD. A fanatic cult of terrorists plans to bring the Heechee’s ancient enemy to Earth and purify humanity in a bath of cleansing fire. You must stop them, but you can’t do it alone. The race to stop these madmen catapult you across the event horizon of a black hole w

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Eric the Unready  1993

Eric the Unready established his reputation by impaling his instructor during jousting class. Then, when Princess Lorealle the Worthy is kidnapped, Eric begins a madcap quest through this hilarious fantasy world packed with dragons and dwarves, wizards, unicorns, and the most fearsome beasts of all...

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Spellcasting (Series)

Spellcasting (Series) 1992

Follow the sun to Fort Naughtytail and party hardy with Ernie and his fraternity brothers. They're hoping to find sand in all the wrong places but end up in a series of zany beach contests complete with wet T-shirts, mud wrestling and body surfing.

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The unthinkable has happened – a renegade from the Temporal Corps has traveled back in time and altered critical events in history. Only you can prevent this madman from shattering the timestream and destroying current civilization.

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