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Santa Fe Mysteries (Series)
PC, Mac

Santa Fe Mysteries (Series) 1997

A wealthy developer’s wife is kidnapped from their Sante Fe hacienda. Did this notorious playboy finally decide to take care of his marital problems? Or could controversy over his plans for a posh ski resort on Native American land be the connection? Interview a viper’s nest of s

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Zork (Series)

Zork (Series) 1997

Magic has been banned from the Great Underground Empire of Zork. By edict of the Grand Inquisitor, the Empire has been sealed off and the practice of magic declared punishable by totemization (a very bad thing). Can you save the Underground? Adventurer Wanted. Expert puzzle-solver and treasure h

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Muppet Treasure Island  1996

Join Kermit as Captain Smollett and his Muppet crew on the adventure of a lifetime! Search for buried treasure in the Muppets’ version of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s classic epic.

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Spycraft: The Great Game  1996

It’s you against faceless enemies in a rush to unravel a high-level assassination plot.