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Review of Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Rating by subbi posted on May 20, 2012

This may not be the best space quest, but the hilarious voice overs make up for speed related issues and poor pacing Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Rating by subbi posted on May 20, 2012

Fantastic story, interesting chatacters and a nice shining look. The gameplay was a bit too hybrid for it to work well and the ending was abrupt.... Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Machinarium

Rating by opalma posted on May 20, 2012

So cute game-play in this game. The graphics are so nice and different. My only minus is that many of the puzzle games where to hard for me. I don't have the patients for it. Difficulty levels to chose for them would have been great or a chance to skip puzzles after trying for ex. 10 minutes. But other than that i fell in love with the game. Its a big but thought case one of the puzzles maDe me stop playing this good game before I could finish. Time Played: 5-10 hours

Review of The Longest Journey

Rating by opalma posted on May 20, 2012

Would love a remake of this awesome game

If a remake of this game with HDbackgrounds and remade meshes and textures for all characters would be made. The longest journey would be the greatest game ever. But it´s still pretty awesome ;) Time Played: Over 20 hours

Review of KGB

Rating by Harald B posted on May 19, 2012

Not my cup of tea, but I love it anyway

Before I heap on too much praise, know what you are getting into: this is a serious game with death around every corner. If you take it seriously, keep track of what's going on and plan your moves carefully, you might just live another day and go further down the rabbit hole. If you play it for laughs you'll be dead before you know it. If you usually hate that kind of game, well so do I. But this game takes YOU seriously as well. The tone isn't broken by preposterous inventory puzzles. When you die it's for a reason that makes sense, not for accidentally walking off a ledge, crossing the street or forgetting to check your tires. And then there are the good parts. The use of many different verbs including ones like Hide, Wait, Listen and Fight (best fighting mechanics in the genre!) do much to get the right feel across, add immersion and add a great sense of freedom. This freedom in general is one the game's great strengths. You'll get a cynical commentary about your dumb choices when you die, but there's no hand-holding to keep you from making them. Even as the clock is ticking and discretion is key, there are usually many places you could go and feathers you could ruffle. Once you adjust it adds up to a game where you really have to stop and think about what you are and should be doing. I'm usually more into comedy adventures where irreverent trash talk and stupid risk-taking go unpunished, but between the things above, the increasingly twisting mystery, the deliciously cynical writing and the unique music style, KGB managed to become one of my favorite adventure games. Give it a (serious) shot and it could reward you. Time Played: Over 20 hours

Review of Syberia II

Rating by Lucien21 posted on May 19, 2012

Mammoth Task

Playing this game so close to the original just highlights for me the fact that this is a continuation of the last game rather than a sequel. It's as if funding ran out half way through the game and we ended up with the weird rushed ending of the first game and now it picks up straight after that ending in game 2. Kate, having found Hans, is now escorting him across the wilds of Russia to find Hans's dream of riding a Mammoth. The same rules apply to this game in that the graphics are georgous, but ultimatly empty screens with little interactivity. There are neat touches like footprints in the snow etc. The character models are improved, but Hans now looks like a creepy old man. The puzzles are fairly straight forward, but there are a few challenging ones towards the end. This time around the constant winding of the train is replaced with the frailty of your companion requiring a lot of health care as the prefered puzzle of choice. Locations are larger than the previous game, but can become confusing in their layout especially in the youkal villiage near the end. The ending this time seems more appropriate with it's bittersweet finality to the journey. It did however have a few problems. It was nice that they played down the constant phone calls, however the tedious and ultimatly pointless private eye cut scenes fizzle out into nothing. You never see him and he has absolultly no bearing on the storyline (I hope the bear ate him). What was Kate planning to do next? Is she going to replace the lookout she pushed over near the boat dock Is she going to try and sail back by herself or is she going to join Mammoth society? However in a game that is about clockwork devices, Mammoths and other wonderful fantasy visuals. Why does the fact that 4ft penguins seem to be in the wrong hemisphere bug me the most.......Damn penguins only live at the south pole Overall though it is an enjoyable ride and I will miss the lovable Oscar, the creepy old man and the way Kate emphasises "Stuck" when she can't interact with things. Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Jurassic Park: The Game

Rating by Lucien21 posted on May 19, 2012

A game that requires 65 million years more development.

Bought this just before Xmas in the Steam sale. 50% off which is just as well. Was Telltale's first foray into the action genre worth the wait? Unfortunately it is a resounding NO. There are too many issues with this game to call it anything but a massive disappointment. The film is set around the events of the original movie. Revolving round the canister of embryos lost by Nedry as he tried to flee the island. You control a variety of characters from a father/daughter team (fun fact: the character has another daughter Sarah who appears in the 2nd movie) to a couple of Mercs and a female scientist. Unfortunately because you are flip flopping between all these characters you rarely get any sense of connection to any of them and as they die every other second you rarely care. In fact part way through the game it became more enjoyable to see how I could kill them in new an novel ways. The graphics are laggy and dated on the PC highlighting that the Telltale engine is not built for this type of game and is seriously in need of an upgrade. The dinosaurs are well done, but the human characters are sloppily animated with guns and hands clipping through their bodies and the animation looking creepily off for most of the game. The story is decent enough and moves at a reasonable pace, there are some very nice set pieces that get the blood pumping and are exciting to watch. Ultimately though it is hampered by the "gameplay". Although this game has been compared to Heavy Rain that comparison is deeply flawed. This game has more in common with Dragon's Lair. You have no control over any of the characters and instead pan around a static location clicking on the couple of hotspots before flipping the camera to another location and doing the same. The game then utilises Quick Time Events for the meat of the "game". However they are deeply broken, unresponsive to input and the nested multiple input (double or triple ringed prompts) usual require superhuman reflexes to complete. You will die multiple times in this game. Fortunately that is the best part of this game are there are a multitude of death scenes in this game and they are always fun to watch (at least the first time). I was really disappointed in this game. It is a barely interactive experience that might have been fine if the quality of the story was higher or if the control system was now dreadful. Time Played: 5-10 hours

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