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Comment on A Look at Graphics: Details in the Distance article:
Jul 24, 2017

This reminded of an interview with Ragnar Tørnquist, that he did for Gamespot when Dreafall Chapters was announced. When he’s talking about going back to the magical world of the Longest Journey he mentions “a place that’s lived in, with living characters who live real lives, with families and friends, ups and downs. Worlds that exist beyond the confines of the screen.” (link:

I think that last sentence, of worlds that exist beyond what we see on the screen, is something that you touch upon on this post and is related to my fondest memories of playing older Adventure Games. There’s something about the fact that we’re often stuck in the same scenery due to not resolving a puzzle that makes you start to see all the tiny details within the background. And because of that, the story they tell, or the things they imply, often gave me fuel to wonder about these worlds I was adventuring in.

It feels good to see that people that are still creating Adventure Games (and good ones at that) also agree with the importance of this element when crafting these different worlds.

Comment on A Look at Graphics: Details in the Distance article:
Simplex Simplex
Jul 24, 2017

Great article as always, but I noticed that Fate of Atlantis screen has too few colors Wink Compare:

Looking forward to Unawoved, I hope it comes out this year.

Comment on David Leary – Blade Runner article:
tomimt tomimt
Jul 16, 2017

Thanks for the interview, it was an interesting read, as Blade Runner has always been one of my favourite adventure games.

Comment on Sam Barlow plans to start Telling Lies news:
nomadsoul nomadsoul
Jul 15, 2017

annapurna is cashing in all competent indies

Comment on David Leary – Blade Runner article:
Jul 15, 2017

Thanks for this, pity that the source code is lost, but actually there is a point left I’d love to know: how was the involvement of James Walls in this one.

Comment on A Look at Graphics: Character Design in Silhouette article:
Simplex Simplex
Jun 26, 2017

Very interesting series, I hope there are more articles coming.

I hope Unavowed is coming out this year.

Comment on E3 2017: Daedalic Entertainment article:
Jackal Jackal
Jun 23, 2017

Daedalic has indicated 2018 (at least) for Devil’s Men.

Comment on E3 2017: Daedalic Entertainment article:
Skywalker333 Skywalker333
Jun 23, 2017

any news on The Devil´s Men? it has completely disappeared from my radar and it looked like a very nice game.
I still have the book with the art of the game from 2015!

Comment on Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games article:
Jun 21, 2017

I can only guess that you missed Stupid Invaders since it isn’t on the list. Many people seem to have missed it though.

Comment on Beat the Game humming towards release news:
Jun 18, 2017

This is an awesome idea!

Comment on Rand Miller – 30 Years of Cyan Worlds (Part 2) article:
Jun 14, 2017

Great read! It’s wonderful to hear new bits of insight even after Rand has given so many interviews over the years.

I only wish we got to hear from him regarding Myst IV: Revelation. I may be a bit biased as it was the first game of the series I played, but I always thought it was an absolutely wonderful, magical experience (and wrapped up the series far, far more fittingly than End of Ages did).

Comment on Rand Miller – 30 Years of Cyan Worlds (Part 1) article:
tsa tsa
Jun 11, 2017

Brilliant interview. Good work Ingmar!

Comment on Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games article:
Jun 7, 2017

This list is senseless because it depends on what like on advetures most. The setting (music, voices, graphics), the humor, the puzzles, the characters, the world it plays in, ...

For me it is important that the games have a good setting, with a bit humor and nice characters, like Fate of atlantis or Monkey Island 2/3

I don’t know the games 5-1 but for me - except browken sword - they don’t seem to have a good setting as I watched youtube videos of it.

It’s the problem with modern games! The higher the resolution the higher is the work to create all the details that make a living world.
And games in 3D are in this point lost at all, as you can see in Monkey Island 4,5. Maybe the humor is great but it looks simply ugly.

A good example for a extreme detailed world is Blade Runner.

It was a good idea of the maker of Thimbleweed Park to make it in the old style because it seems to be the only way to create a good setting with low costs!

Comment on A Sierra Retrospective: Part 1 - The Pioneers of Adventure article:
May 26, 2017

Great read and memories! Actually I loved Code name: Iceman! Sure there were some issues but really enjoyed it, same with Freddy :-)

Comment on Dark Train: Coupe prepares to embark this summer news:
Paperash Studio Paperash Studio
May 24, 2017

BUMP… Free key from our previous game Dark Train! Smile


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