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Video interview: An Hour with Ken Williams interview

Ken Williams video interview
Ken Williams video interview

Ken Williams: Founder of Sierra On-Line, established author, creator of various tech sites, and renowned sailor. Ken is famously known as a very serious man, but that perception is about to change. Ken graciously sat down with me for a video chat that lasted over an hour and allowed himself to have some fun. 

In this interview, Ken and I delved into the Sierra business model and the fall of the company as covered in his newly released book Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings. We also covered some never-before-discussed topics such as Ken’s view on LucasArts, why Sierra passed on purchasing id Software, and what Ken’s thoughts were on the reboots of the old Sierra classics, amongst other informative and nostalgia-driven adventure game topics.

In between, the two of us engaged in lighter moments as well. You will surely want to stay to the end as Ken reacts to some “easter egg” pictures of himself in various Sierra adventure games – some that even he wasn't aware of!

You may know the facts about the legendary Ken Williams and Sierra, but here you will get to know the man behind the myth, directly from the "wizard" himself. So grab a drink and cue up the video. For the next eighty minutes, let's hang out with Ken in a way that was never possible before. 


For more videos from Joshua Cleveland, be sure to follow his Weird Gaming Adventure channel on YouTube.


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