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Walkthroughs wanted!

2017 AG logo
2017 AG logo

Please heeeeeeelp! (Asking for a friend.)

Who among this community of adventure gamers hasn’t wracked their brain, exhausted all known list of curse words, tried everything on everything, and STILL can’t find that one elusive puzzle solution? Exactly. Which is why walkthroughs are such a godsend to many of us.

Adventure Gamers was always a big proponent of the Universal Hint System, but unlike the adventure genre, UHS really is effectively dead. So long live the walkthrough!

We will soon be opening up a new section of the site exclusively devoted to walkthroughs, so if you’re a walkthrough writer or video producer, please let us know and we’ll be happy to include yours. Written walkthroughs are preferred, but videos will of course be gladly accepted. Please note, however, that we're looking more for dedicated walkthroughs than Let's Plays with commentary, though the latter may also be considered. 

Either way, obviously full credit will be given, and video links on AG will go directly to the creator’s original uploads, so no need to worry about traffic lost, only gained. Win-win, right?

We’ll handle all the logistics, so all you need to do is send them along. Old games, new games, all are welcome!

For those willing to contribute walkthroughs regularly, particularly for the newest releases, we’d be happy to formally add you to AG staff, giving you access to Aggie voting, our super-secret lair forum, and occasionally even tangible perks like free loot. (Not that we’re trying to bribe you or anything but… did it work?)

Better yet, we’ll make every effort to get free codes for new games specifically for the purposes of walkthroughs, so if you’ll provide the work, we’ll (try to) provide the games! It may not always be feasible, but we’re sure most developers will see the benefit.

If you have walkthroughs to share, or have any questions or concerns before deciding, please direct all emails to Ivo Teel ([email protected]) or Jack Allin ([email protected]).


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