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Video interview: Charles Cecil interview

Charles Cecil video interview
Charles Cecil video interview

With the highly-anticipated debut of Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse mere weeks away, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the co-founder and current Managing Director of Revolution, Charles Cecil, to talk all things Broken Sword.

Travelling to The Lamb Brewery pub in Chiswick to meet with me, Charles offered an extraordinarily detailed account of the production thus far (before the game's unexpected two-episode split was announced). We also delved into his take on the game industry as it stands and even got a few sneak peeks at the future for Revolution. We spoke of Charles’s recent royal honour, the renewed respect that the adventure genre seems to command these days, as well as his dabblings with an immensely popular sci-fi franchise.

Many thanks to Charles for taking time out of his busy schedule for this.


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Community Comments

Lovely interview. Top bloke, so chatty and informative. Even if I didn't love Broken Sword I'd buy it on the strength of this.
Nov 26, 2013
You guys are great like always, I just happen to read another interview with Charles at Justadventure ,lol .. I couldn't believe it the interviewer was asking him (five questions all in all) about some infos he got from Wikipedia and another from the FB page and the last Question was 'What else should we talk about?' hehe .
Nov 20, 2013
A great interview, Rob. Thanks for doing it. Charles always comes across as so intelligent and thoughtful.
Nov 18, 2013
I am sooooo looking forward to this game!!
Nov 18, 2013
A really wonderful interview. Charles must be one of the most amiable and interesting people in the adventure gaming community.
Nov 18, 2013
Great interview. Loved every second. Charles seems like such a top bloke.
Nov 16, 2013
Excellent job, Rob! I could listen to Charles for hours and hours. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and he is by far one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I met in this industry. Such a class act. Thanks for the video!
Nov 16, 2013
WOW....such an interesting interview, thanks :)
Nov 15, 2013
This was great, thank you Rob and Charles! Can't wait for December 4th...
Nov 15, 2013
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