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Aggie Awards
Aggie Awards

The AG staff would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the developers (and publishers) of all games that won awards, and our thanks to the many readers who participated in our public voting poll. We'd also like to thank a very special contributor, without whose support "The Aggies" wouldn't have had nearly the same impact.

For those who weren't aware, the Adventure Gamers logo is the creation of none other than the incomparable Bill Tiller. In deciding to expand on the logo's theme for this year's awards, we knew there was no one better to entrust with the new close-up artwork of "The Aggie" than Tiller himself. Much to our delight, Bill was willing to graciously provide us with the new design.

With Autumn Moon's A Vampyre Story eligible for awards in 2008, naturally this posed a risk of conflict of interest. Fortunately, good guy and total professional that he is, Bill was in absolute agreement that his private contribution should in no way influence the results, and in order to prevent the possibility of (even unintentional) favouritism, no participating member of staff was informed of the new design project before all voting was completed – in fact, not until the artwork was revealed publicly in our "Day One" awards feature.

We can't stop determined cynics from suspecting conspiracy anyway, but given that A Vampyre Story's one and only staff award this year was for Best Graphic Design, all that really proves is that we have great taste in artists! And since you readers agreed with us, we can't even take much credit for that.

Rest assured, then, that our awards were the result of nothing more than our own experience and opinion. For a recap of additional guidelines behind the voting process, read on.

Rules and Regulations

All staff nominations were submitted privately, seen and verified only by two awards administrators. Final voting was done following the same procedure.

To ensure total impartiality, no staff member was permitted to nominate any game in which they were involved in any way outside of official Adventure Gamers press coverage. For the purpose of final voting, no staff member was permitted to vote in any category in which a game they were involved in (outside of official Adventure Gamers press coverage) had been nominated.

To be considered, a game must have had its first release in a major English language market in the calendar year 2008. Major markets include North America and the United Kingdom. Alternatively, any game first made available through digital distribution or self-published online during the year was also eligible.

For the sake of administrative simplicity, Sam & Max: Season Two and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People have been listed as a single entity.

Complete list of eligible games


1112: Episode 1 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS)

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Belief & Betrayal

Carol Reed: The Colour of Murder

Casebook: Episode I – Kidnapped

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

Diamonds in the Rough

Dracula: Origin

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

Everlight: Of Magic and Power

The Experiment

Flower, Sun and Rain (DS)

The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (Wii, PS2)

The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure

Insecticide (PC, DS)

Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (DS)

The Lost City of Malathedra

The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure

Lost: Via Domus (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Murder in the Abbey

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals


Overclocked: A History of Violence

Penumbra: Black Plague

Penumbra: Requiem

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Sam & Max: Season Two (excludes 2007's Episode 201: Ice Station Santa)

Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

Sinking Island

So Blonde

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (PC, Wii)

The Tales of Bingwood – Chapter I: To Save a Princess

Theresia (DS)

Time Hollow (DS)

Undercover: Dual Motives (DS)

Unsolved Crimes (DS)

A Vampyre Story


Contributors to the writing of this article include: Jack Allin, Austin Boosinger, Evan Dickens, Luke Jensen, Emily Morganti, Andrea Morstabilini, Kim Wild.


Fantasysci5 Fantasysci5
Feb 18, 2009

Yay!!! At least “The Lost Crown” got honorble mentions. Wink It HAS to win “Best Sound”, though!!! Wink

Mikane Zaprick
Feb 18, 2009


That last one of day one will not do anything to stem the tide of mind-numbing inanity taking over as a “concept” appreciated by adventure gamers.

It’s not true, developers! Please, disregard! Heed not the death knell!

Jonathan Boakes! Matthew Clark! Arberth! Save Us!

Fien Fien
Feb 19, 2009

Heh… apparently I’m a “traditionalist” because I share your sentiment.
I take back everything I said about being able to predict the Award results. It now seems to me (and of course I may be way off)  that the people who voted are not the same crowd populating the forums… for instance, Overclocked was severely criticised on the adventure forum.

Ascovel Ascovel
Feb 19, 2009

Actually, Overclocked is the only game I’m happy about that it won.

Feb 19, 2009

Funny. My votes and all the awards are a perfect match so far. The jury has a good taste. Smile

Fienepien. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that people who voted are not the same crowd populating the forums. By that crowd you probably meant the active members of the forums. But then again there are a lot of “lurkers” like me, who read the forum very often but participate rarely. And yet I feel that I’m part of the AG community and part of the forum population. One more thing.


Overclocked was criticized but that’s no surprise. People give negative feedback much more often than positive one. IMO a game has to be of a superb quality before you start to see a lot of positive feedback.

Fien Fien
Feb 19, 2009

Ascovel, I’m also happy Overclocked got an Award, I thought it was a great game. Correct me if I’m wrong, I still feel that the game was received much better in Germany.

Askobar, yes, I meant the active members. Btw, I do remember your nickname from the forums. Smile Of course silent lurkers are also part of the AG community, so did we just hear them vote for the Awards in large numbers or did the active forum members change their minds?

Jackal Jackal
Feb 19, 2009

Bear in mind this wasn’t simply a forum poll. Whether silent or active, forum members represent only a small part of AG’s overall reader-base, so these poll results include plenty of other people out there we don’t generally hear from. Not everyone who casts a ballot attends the rallies. Grin

Feb 19, 2009

Critised by some, praised by others. Yey Overclocked! Tongue Way to go! Smile *screams O-V-E-R-C-L-O-C-K-E-D with the funny stuff cheerleaders have in their hands*

Fantasysci5 Fantasysci5
Feb 19, 2009

I was surprised “The Lost Crown” didn’t win the Best Sound design, which Jonathan Boakes’ is known for. But Iw as so ecstatic that “The Lost Crown” won the best setting!! I thought it had it and it did!!! Wink

Feb 19, 2009

The most obvious question presents itself: how many PC adventure gamers own DS-es?

Feb 20, 2009

I´ve got to say I´m quite satisfied with the results. Not all the games I voted for got to the list, some aren´t even runner-ups, but all in all, I believe the results are fair, from the overall point of view.

Martin Gantefoehr Martin Gantefoehr
Feb 20, 2009

Hey, AG staff and readers,

now that the the final results are in, I’d like to take the opportunity and say ‘Thank You’ to the staffers and readers who voted for (and awarded) Overclocked. The team here at the HoT WHQ is happy that the game was amongst the nominees in four categories, and recieved recognition.

Personally, I’d like to thank you all for the ‘Best Writing - Drama’ Award. It’s a meaningful thing to a writer to see work recognised and appreciated (by both staff and readers). I’m pleased that some of what I’ve tried to put into this difficult project has found its way to you, our audience.

Congratulations to all winners!

Feb 20, 2009

MG - I thank you and whole production team for the opportunity to play a game I thoroughly enjoyed, despite some minor drawbacks. For me, Overclocked was one of the most enjoyable experiences (in AGs) in 2008.

Feb 22, 2009

Ok - you’ve done it Adventure Gamers!  Aside from waiting for Momento Mori and Sill Life 2, I’m going to buy Overclocked tonight (Oh god, thank you, a download from your site, no blasted DVD to find and install) and Time Hollow.  I can play Time Hollow on the plane when I go visit my parents.  I can play Overclocked at my parents.

I like the whole award thing - clever and informative.  Nicely done. It gives me ideas.

jaap jaap
Feb 22, 2009

Great feature!
I missed though:
1) The best puzzle
2) The coolest easter egg

Feb 25, 2009

Enjoy both Time Hollow and Overclocked mszv, they are truly little adventure gems Smile

Fantasysci5 Fantasysci5
Feb 25, 2009

Best puzzle would be awesome!!! And best easter egg, except I would be thinking a game from the past. Wink

Melanie68 Melanie68
Feb 25, 2009

Best puzzle was in the original set of awards, but the nominators didn’t come to a consensus on those to put up for a vote after all the nominations were tallied, so it got scrapped.  We thought of it, though! Smile

Lee in Limbo Lee in Limbo
Mar 2, 2009

Some fantastic games. Wonderful write-ups, too. Games I hadn’t heard of before sounded utterly brilliant. It gives a guy some small hope that things aren’t as bad as they’ve seemed lately.

Thanks to the AG Staff for all of the time and work that went into this presentation. And I like the clever use of the name ‘Aggie’ for the award. Fantastic picture, too.

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