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Christmas Quest 2: The Yuletide Flows In

Ho ho holy cow! Is it really that time of year already? If so, that can only mean... a new seasonal offering from Adventure Gamers!

This year we bandied about the usual smattering of gift ideas: Egyptian flip-flops, Calavera skin moisterizer, or Myst books on audio cassette. But while these would be nice stocking stuffers, we sought something with a little more pizzazz. What we really wanted was to announce a new cutting-edge, triple-A blockbuster adventure, but it seems some miracles are too big even for Christmas.

Instead, we turned our attention back to our own ancient-school, half-an-A freebie game, Christmas Quest. As all the "in" people know, last year our debut adventure told the story of one young lad's pursuit of the Best Adventure Game Ever on Christmas morning. This time around, inspired by our previous experience and brimming with confidence, passion, and unbridled creativity, we did what any self-respecting developer would do: we sold out shamelessly and made a sequel.

That's right, the Christmas Quest saga continues in '06 with episode two, The Yuletide Flows In! With an all new look, new locations, and a new face to go with the same irreverent humour and classic point-and-click goodness, this is the ONE game you don't want to miss these holidays. Better yet, there's no reason you have to -- it's free, it's only 4 MB to download, and it's just a mouse click away!

As with last year, there's a hillion jillion-to-one chance (or maybe slightly more) that you may encounter some minor graphical or programming... "oddities", let's say. Some might call them bugs; we prefer the term character. Like that endearing freckle or quirky habit that you mostly wish you didn't have, but are partly glad you do. At least, that's our story and we're sticking with it. It's either that or rename this Valentine's Day Quest, and we figured you'd rather have it now.

Update, Christmas day: To show our dedication to the cause, we've released an enhanced version of Christmas Quest 2 a mere 24 hours after the original to improve the game on all fronts!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Adventure Gamers, or best wishes for whatever occasion you celebrate this time of year.

Have fun, and enjoy the game!


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