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From paper to PC... that's the challenge facing Telltale Games as they bring Jeff Smith's beloved Bone comic to life in a whole new dimension. Leaping from the page into an interactive adventure, the familiar world of Bone is undergoing a transformation from 2D to full 3D glory -- a move sure to cause both excitement and nervous anticipation for fans of the original work. Fortunately, the early looks at the first Bone game, Out from Boneville, suggest the license is in perfectly qualified hands.

Now, Telltale has graciously provided Adventure Gamers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the game's development. See for yourselves how Fone is transformed from simple wireframe to... to... umm... everyone's favourite short, bald, big nosed protagonist, but this time in splendid real-time animation. And of course Fone is joined by his cousins, Phoney and Smiley, with appearances by the Rat Creatures and the Red Dragon, among others. All set to a playful orchestral score, "Bringing Bone to Life" should help ease the wait for the game's scheduled September release date.

To download, click on one of the links below (left click to stream, and right click to "Save Target As...") The content of each link is identical, but the one on the left is a smaller version recommended for those on dial-up.

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While you're waiting for your download to finish, here's a peek at some more concept art and 3D models from Telltale.

CEO Dan Connors joked that as Telltale tries to get Thorn just right, she's proving to be true to her name. He said that a lot of fans who grew up reading the Bone comics have high expectations for Thorn: "I think some of them are kind of in love with her."
The snow is gone from the possum treehouse, as Telltale opted not to include the wintry landscapes from the original comic.


Who is the mystery child of Thorn's dreams, and why is she is danger?

A panoramic view of Gran'ma Ben's farm.


For more insight into Telltale Games and their development of Bone, be sure to read our recent preview, A Telltale Afternoon.

Bone: Out from Boneville available at:

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Bone: Out from Boneville

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Worldwide September 15 2005 Telltale Games
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Worldwide October 1 2006 Vanbrio

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