Wanted (The Westerner) review

The Good:
  • Highly original graphics
  • Nostalgic nod to Monkey Island games coupled with some funny cinematics
  • Characters and dialogues
The Bad:
  • Gameplay tedium reliant on raising carrots and getting money to buy your way through the game
  • Use of an arcade-type puzzle
  • Lack of adequate side quests or stepped game tasks to keep focus going in a non-linear plot path
Our Verdict: The graphics, characters, cinematics and other high points are unfortunately pulled down by an over-reliance on busy work gameplay and a shortage of fun challenges. The end result is a great game that might have been.

Once upon a time in the West there was a cowboy called Fenimore Fillmore. In the most non-linear game this side of Tucson, he rode roughshod over cowboys, bankers, Indians and a mess of sideshow personalities. The game wrapped around this classic little adventure story was 3 Skulls of the Toltecs. Now, it may be argued that it wasn’t a perfect game, but it sure was fun. As time passed, the obscure title grew on folks and fast became a hard-to-get cult favorite, found only in a rare hosting on eBay or with luck on a forgotten Goodwill side shelf.

Meanwhile, something was stirring on the web. Revistronic, the development team behind 3 Skulls, had come up with a new title featuring none other than our old friend and hero, Fenimore Fillmore. This time he would star in a new adventure called The Westerner. After Revistronic signed with a North American publisher, the name was changed to Wanted: A * wild * Western Adventure, and the hype began.

This all sounds grand, except for one bothersome detail. Wanted just isn’t as much fun as the first game.

Why? That is a very good question. The dialogue has some real charm; in fact it has some very funny moments. The characters are in place. Some are memorable, others not great but also not bad. The look of the game is excellent. The music suits the game and never overwhelms. The non-linear structure is also here. Figuring out what to do next doesn’t matter much as you can drop one task and pick up another. Regardless, much of the actual gameplay feels like tedium this time around. In fact, it sometimes seemed like a job that I had to finish and at the end, there would not be a paycheck or even a tip.

Well with that out of the way, this is still a tough one to figure out. Usually I can just point my reviewer’s eye at a game that disappointed and say AHA! It’s the graphics or the puzzles or the… So let’s see.

Everything looks good in here

Wanted has a unique look to it as far as games go and it works; in fact, it works very well. Sort of a shiny textured cross between Toy Story and other recently released Pixar films. The look of this game varies from the cookie cutter graphics standard in most new releases and I would love to see this style again. It even has a very nicely rendered map feature that you use to get around the place. In fact, I wish that the last Monkey Island game had gone this route over the 3D look that was used. The evil sidekicks are all a bit larger than life and uniquely funny. The love of Fillmore’s life, let’s just say she sure is not your typical mild-mannered schoolmarm. I think there is a diversity of characters that has a definite appeal for those who loved the Monkey island games and others of that sort. The facial animations are exceptional and there is a high level of detail to their style and movement. Revistronic didn’t shortchange the environments either. This is one game where it really is a pleasure to just walk around the place--imagine Disneyland gone wild. If graphics were enough to carry a game into the A-list, then I would say Wanted truly shines. Throw in the first-class voice talent and you should have a winning game. But as we all know, a pretty package, off-beat characters and wonderful music are not enough to make a game worthwhile. It also needs, among other things, well-designed challenges, whether they are Myst-ifying mind grabbers or clever inventory applications. Which brings up a troublesome element of this game.

Busy Work and Chores

Traditional inventory-based or “the house that Jack built” scenarios are the predominant puzzles in Wanted. These are where you get the nail to hammer the board, which makes the wall, which makes the house that Jack built. These are fine and, depending on the side tasks involved, can even be a real treat. Sometimes they are done well in this game, other times they are sheer drudgery. One of the main reasons for this slide into tedium is a gameplay device that really cheats the gamer out of a lot of fun.

You will spend “way” too much time in Wanted raising money to buy things at the local town store, which is the only place to get these inventory items. Now we aren’t talking about just a little money, nope you have to get a bunch of it. Which is almost as much fun as growing the countless carrots you need to keep on hand to power up your pony. Now you can buy carrots at the store, but since you need every dollar you can steal, you will end up growing your own. And every time you look at your pony, he uses up a google carrots; so get ready to haul water to infinity and beyond. Well it isn’t quite that bad, but almost, so add this to the list of chores I would gladly skip. Meanwhile as your thoughts return to your constant cash needs, no fun for you since your “fund raising” is limited to another list of tedious activities. There is the ever-present trudging to the telegraph office to raise and collect money to buy more items. Then there are all the drawers and closets you get to check for “conveniently placed” dollars to “permanently borrow” for your mission. At first, the cut scene of Fillmore looking around furtively before snapping up the money is cute. After the first 10 or 12 times, it gets old fast. This is where the game truly felt like unpaid labor to me, even with all that money people left in every single one of their drawers and cupboards. Come on--where do you find a house like that! Give me a weird task; let me plot how to talk someone out of their grog--anything but play super shopper. I also would have liked more mini-quests involved in the town to provide incentive and reward as you got through this part of the game.

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